Love Letters *A Niall Horan Love Story*

Marie lives in Londen England with her cousin, Ally. Life is boring. High school is the only thing important in her life. Untill she finds out she has Gastis Cancer, or stomach cancer, and only has a couple months to live. What happens when someone starts sending her secret love letters? Will this last year, be the best? Read and find out


6. Finding secret love letters

                                             Marie P.O.V

 I spent the rest of the night with the boys. Me and Niall became the closest. I may have a littttlllleee crush on him. Okay,  a HUGEEEE one. His blue eyes and amazing personality already has me falling for him, but I know he would never like me like that!! I wake up felling tired but happy. I am so lucky to have Harry as a brother. I mean he is an amazing brother and is friends are cool too! Anyways, I went to go check my mail. I was supposed to get a letter from my best friend, Summer. I miss her!! She was georgueous, too. Light blonde hair, green orbs that made her face light up. She was a tree compared to me! Anyways, instead I found a pink paper with red hearts. " Hmm.. whatever!" I said while I reached my tiny hand in  the mailbox and grapped the tiny paper. I ripped it open and saw beautiful cursive hand writng and it said " You are beautiful.....don't forget  that:)"  I kind of fan girled there. Iv'e been in England for like 10 years and I haven't noticed any boys looking or showing any interrest in me! I looked over my shoulder to see if "he" left any signs. Nope...all I saw was Niall on his porch sipping on a giant mug of tea.  "Niall.....Niall.....come look at what I got!" I screamed,slipping and hitting my head. Last thing I remeber is falling, hearing a crack. I looked down to see a twisted ankle and a paniced Niall running towards me. I blacked out......cold.

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