One Directionettes

~One direction Fanfiction!~ When five girls all seperately enter an upcoming competition held by the 1D boys themselves and are chosen, will they make good use of their fame or ditch it for their old lives?


10. Meeting Tamelia

Kat's P.O.V:

After my flight and several limo rides I had a long time to think to myself, it makes me feel almost guilty that I was so mean to Amanda but this band is the best timing and perfect situation for me to make amends. I would never dream of apologizing back home but now that we're stuck in a band together, I want us to be ok and to be friends. These girls must be pretty talented if they were picked out of the thousands who auditioned. Heck I'm still pretty shocked I got accepted.

We are directed into a dull-looking conference room with stern people in business suits. We are seated alongside each other with glasses of water placed on the chestnut table. Several people talk to us and explain different things about our future career, it's a lot to take in and I haven't even been listening to half of it. By the look on Amanda's face I can tell she has been paying attention so I'll ask her later.

"So as you can see from your timetable, your official schedule will begin tomorrow,"

a grey haired man in a dark grey suit points to the chart on a stand beside him as a lady passes each of us a laminated sheet with a smaller copy, he continues speaking as we eye up our planned events.

"As a band you need to stick together and please, for everyone's sake, stay away from drama and the paparazzi."

We all nod in silence, I think all of us are pretty shocked at the timetable. The man's monotone voice is still droning on,

"Your Manager is here to meet you now, I'll buzz her in."

He holds down a button on a silver gadget sitting at the top of the desk. He talks to his secretary for awhile before the door opens revealing a woman about twenty five who is stunning to say the least. She greets all the business people like old friends and shakes their hands, she hugs some of them before taking the seat directly across from us. She smiles kindly, revealing perfect straight white teeth. She pulls our contracts out of her briefcase and slides them across the desk with another smile,

"To prevent future conflict I would strongly suggest reading everything before signing at all, once you have decided to become a part of One Directionettes, you will sign here and on the last page at the bottom."

She uses one of the contracts as a demonstration to show us dotted lines where hopefully all five of us will sign. I hope none of the girls chicken out cus they seem pretty cool.

I try to concentrate as I read the two page long Terms&Conditions, at one point I'm tempted to lean over and whisper to Amanda to get her to explain what the hell it's about but somehow I manage to understand it all. I sign in the two spaces we were instructed and pass my contract over to our manager with a smile. She returns almost immediately and offers me her hand to shake,

"I'm Tamelia, your new manager. You can come to me anytime you have problems or need help or just need someone to talk to."

She winks and sits back down in her swivel chair. I smile, she's so nice I'm glad she isn't a bitch.

"Thanks, I'm Kat."

She smiles and thanks the rest of the band for the contracts, each of the girls introduce themselves to Tamelia before the meeting is called to an end. We are informed of the direction in which there is a coffee room. The girls and I wander the corridors playfully messing about like a group of infants having the time of our lives.

Jesse's P.O.V:

I'm being chased by Chloe for my life when I glance behind me to realize I lost her around the last corridor. I push my legs to increase my speed until I whip my head around just in time that I crash into a wall, everything's a blur. I sit up from the ground and blink my eyes open slowly. I glance up at the wall I crashed into to acknowledge that I'm face to face with a head of dirty blond hair and the most beautiful ocean blue eyes. I could write a thousand love songs just about this angel's face alone, damn I hit the wall hard, hard enough I'm imagining a beautiful guy as amazing as this. It then hits me, like a ton of bricks. Three words, oh my god! I just ran into Niall Horan! Thee Niall Horan! It's only then do I realize that he has been asking if I am alright several times. I nod slowly, his strong arms help me up but my body becomes putty in his hands and I'm numb all over besides the electric sensations sparking off my skin where his hands have a strong hold on my shoulders to keep me upright. God I need to wake up now! He probably thinks I'm a freak!

"Uh yeah sorry, just a little spaced out from the collision."

Niall blinks at me for a couple of seconds, his eyes scan my face seriously before he cracks up in an adorable grin.

"You're the Irish one!"

He starts laughing and pulls me into a tight hug, I believe they call them 'Horan Hugs'? I laugh along with him, after a ten minute hug Niall pulls back and wraps an arm around my shoulders.

"C'mon my fello leprechaun, let's go find the others."

We both laugh away at Niall's jokes until we find the coffee room.

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