One Directionettes

~One direction Fanfiction!~ When five girls all seperately enter an upcoming competition held by the 1D boys themselves and are chosen, will they make good use of their fame or ditch it for their old lives?


2. Chapter Two

Chloe Bexley

Chloe's P.O.V:

I take in a deep gulp of air and sigh, I've never been much good at singing or the whole confidence thing but I still gotta try right? Oh sorry, I probably should introduce myself, I'm Chloe. I have dark brown hair that always seems to sit on my shoulders, I have lightish blue eyes and my skin is kinda tan, not really. I live in England, a nice enough country. I live with my parents and younger brother Jake in our two storey home in Lancanshire. We have a cute little terrier called Bruno who always seems to get himself into bother. People always tell me I look like my mother, even I admit it, I do. But so does Jake, he's the splitting image of me, he gets on my nerves alot but he's family and you gotta love that right?

Anyways back to present, I heard about this band who are hosting a competition and there's nothing I want more than to ditch school and be famous. I can perform like a superstar in my room but outside where there's people, naa-ah. So like I was saying.....back to present! I'm sitting in front of my keyboard and the video camera's red light blinking at me, I huff and restart the video. I pick the first song in my head and bash out the first few keys to Katy Perry's The One That Got Away. I know this song off by heart on the piano so I have no bother, I remember to sit up straight and glance at the camera, singing passionately. This makes me feel so embarassed right now so luckily only the band boys will be watching it, not the whole school. I finish the last few keys and say the few sentences that are required,

"My name is Chloe Bexley, I'm sixteen and from Lancanshire and I would love to be in a band as five people together are stronger than five people on their own."

I smile at the camera one last time before hitting the stop button, before I can change my mind (See what I did there?) I connect my camera into my computer and upload my audition to the band's website. I don't even bother watching it, I quickly log out and shut down my computer before switching the light off and sliding into bed, I have science first thing tommorow, oh crap. Give me a break!

The next week my audition hasn't even crossed my mind, I've had Biology tests and all kinds all week but when I check my computer on Saturday, I realise I have a new email. My hand flies to my mouth as I see who its from, I re-read the email and rub my eyes liek a billion times, this can't be happening! I call my parents up and show them the email, Dad isn't sure at frist but my mum convinces him maybe this is the big break I need. I've to be in London Monday morning at nine o'clock, that early?! I shrug and reply saying I'll be there before going downstairs to help my parents book flight tickets to London.

After two hours of planning out what I'll be doing, I head up to my room and pack one large suitcase full of my nicest and desinger clothes I can find. My parents booked me a ticket to fly to London Sunday night where I will stay in a hotel, this band, whatever they're called will be paying for my stay there. I literally cannot wait! This is going to be amazing! I must be able to sing if they picked me? Maybe but  what if the other girls are mean? Oh god, I silently wish they're friendly, I fall asleep on top of my bed covers, to tired to slide under.

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