One Directionettes

~One direction Fanfiction!~ When five girls all seperately enter an upcoming competition held by the 1D boys themselves and are chosen, will they make good use of their fame or ditch it for their old lives?


3. Chapter Three

Jesse Delaney

Jesse's P.O.V:

Here I sat, facing my huffed up mother. I probably should explain you see, I was incredibly hungry today, as usual, and forced my mother to bring me to Supermacs. Its like Nandos in a way but I prefer Supermacs, anyways like I was saying...I forced her to bring me here after school to get food but I'm a hungry person and I love my food and ended up eating alot, I mean alot. I'm often compared to my idol, Niall Horan as we both love food, like crazy, we both play the guitar, we're both Irish and food! I probably should have introduced myself.

My name is Jesse, I'm irish and currently living in Ireland, Cork to be fussy. I love food and One Direction, I only really like 1D because of Niall but still! I live in my bungalo with my parents and my baby sister Amy who has just gone five! She's always nagging me to play her a song on my guitar, I often do and I have spent many nights singing her to sleep. I have golden blond hair thats long and straight, and crystal blue eyes. I'm not really that tan as Ireland rarely ever is sunny, mostly just raining all the time. I love my guitar, I bring it with me wherever I go.

I'm in secondary school, attending it with my best friends Jenny and Sarah. They're really nice but they don't really love food, well not like I do anyways. They're more self-conscious about confessing their love for food as we're attending a mixed school and they don't want to sound like fatties. I'm a fat eater, I honestly don't care if the boys think I'm crazy or fat or whatever, if a guy disses you like that, then you should be honoured that you're not liked by him. I'm really into music, my room is filled with cds and books, nothing much else besides the floor being covered by heaps of clothes. I have my bed, ya in case you're wondering but there isn't much else to my room besides my blind dogs calendar and my hundreds of One Direction posters!

I log into my computer and check my Facebook and Twitter. I then proceed, like every other day, to check One Direction's official page. I click around and see they have a new competition up, I decide to enter no matter what it is because I missed out on the last one and it was awesome! I read the details and groan, I promised myself I'd enter no matter what but its an audition comp! That means I'll have to sing! People tell me I'm a good singer but I hate singing in public or infront of people, just fear of not being good enough. I scroll down further and realise that the boys are putting together a female version of themselves, I sigh dreamily and browse through my videos that I've saved in my computer's files. I pick the one where I decided to sing like Niall, with my guitar on my lap, sitting on the toilet. I thought it would be funny and I sounded pretty good in it. I post the video in my application form and fill in my details, where I'm from and all that, I apoligise that I don't say all the necessary info in the video, it doesn't matter anyways. I'm not going to make it through.

I finish up on the computer after checking all the boy's twitter pages, I pack my schoolbag for tommorow and fall asleep around half eleven at night.

I gasp and sit up in bed as my alarm clock on my phone rings,

One way..or another, I'm gonna find ya

I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha one way or another.-

I click off on my blackberry's control panel and groan as my back hits the hard springs of my old mattress. I throw a pillow on my head and doze back to sleep. I'm awaken fifteen minutes later by my mother angrily moaning at the door,

"Jesse get up! You're going to be late!"

She resolves to pushing me out of bed, nice mother that is right? I grogily get into my uniform and walk down the hall to the kitchen. I fill my water bottle and proceed to walking to school, I'm not that late. I'm joined by a impatient looking Jenny at the school gates, I block out on what she says as I think about the video I sent in to the band. I didn't really look over it to see if I made any mistakes, I do remember that I sang Simple Plan- Summer in Paradise. A good enough selection of song and not too bad on the notes either, I ignore Jenny's exsistance as I quickly walk over to my locker and pull out my books for english, I sigh knowing all my classes today are crappy.

2 Days later*

I lug my heavy schoolbag and P.E bag in the door of my messy bedroom. Today was the worst day ever! I screwed up in P.E and the whole day I had crappy classes that I'm no good at. My back hits my door with a thud as I slide to the ground, I squeeze my eyes shut, nothing could make this day any better, I already have a splitting headache which is threatening me to knock myself out with a baseball bat. I turn my computer on after ten minutes of wallowing in my own pity, I skip checking my twitter and facebook and click on 1D's official web page. They've picked winners for the comp already? I let out a groan, they obviously didn't pick me as I didn't get a call or anything, I read down through the list of five incredibly lucky girls anyways.

Chloe Bexley- Lancanshire

Heather Blair- Essex

Kat Marlowe- Norfolk

Amanda Palmer- West Sussex

My head spins in circles as I read the last name.....this cannot be happening! I refresh the page about a hundred times before rubbing my eyes. The last name still appears to be there, and going just as strong,

Jesse Delaney- Cork, Ireland.

I run downstairs screaming before I realise my mums on the hpone, she smiles at me giving me the thumbs up. I jump in excitement, I guess she must have gotten the phone call instead.

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