One Directionettes

~One direction Fanfiction!~ When five girls all seperately enter an upcoming competition held by the 1D boys themselves and are chosen, will they make good use of their fame or ditch it for their old lives?


6. Chapter Six

Harry Styles' P.O.V:

These girls are meant to be coming today and right now, I'd like nothing more than for them to not. Well, when the boys saw how angry I was they made jokes about things like at lease they're hot chicks but that doesn't make a difference. How could it not come to any of their minds that maybe these five girls will make it bigger than us, that nobody will want us anymore because these five hot, talented girls are the new thing, the next biggest thing. Just when I thought One Direction were in the clear of tough competition after JLS' separation, well damn didn't I think wrong. One question remains in my head, will they outtake us?

Niall Horan's P.O.V:

After seeing Harry's point of view on the situation, I myself got a little jittery. He's right, what if they are actually good? Well of course they're good, or else we wouldn't have helped our managers pick them but still, what will happen to us? There are more questions being asked in the ratio of questions being answered from both Harry and I as Management push us out of the conference doors and out into the cold empty hallway. They leave us as they return to the meeting discussing the new girls upon their arrival. Screams can be heard from outside as fans somehow found out where we are. Harry can be a devil for Twitter but I somehow get a feeling he's not up to it this time as he's glaring at the wall. He has every right to be angry and I have joined him in this battle, these girls make the pit of my stomach grumble. I take off towards the roof garden, right now all I need is a little peace to sort out my thoughts. 

I open the glass door, panting out of breath as I ran that three flights of stairs. I take a deep breath of air and lean against the cold metal railing. Grinning at how the fans haven't spotted me yet, a pretty blonde glances up and smiles, waving discreetly so nobody else sees what she is doing. My smile broadens, maybe I can get her number? Her friend beside her stops chanting to glance at what her friend is doing, soon she shouts and not a second later hundreds of eyes are looking at me, smiles galore. They start screaming excitedly. I usher my hands down, asking them to quieten down, alot respond by quiet screams but then they die down. Now there is just silence besides the far away sound of traffic, I take this as my moment to speak,

"Guys there's talks going on in there so could ye all maybe quieten down a bit? I really appreciate your banners and screaming, trust me but I think ye should be also cheering on the five arrivals of One Directionettes! Make some noise!"

At my signal everyone starts screaming again and waving their banners, Liam's head appears over my shoulder. Peeking out at the crowd, luckily nobody sees him so I make him duck. I decide to play a little game with the fans,

"Okayyy lets play a little game! I'll ask a question and whoever knows the answer stick your hand up, if you speak out of turn you will be disqualified. Okay here we go! Who wants to play?!"

Screaming starts again from the crowd, dozens of hands fly through the air begging to be picked.

"Okay! Whens my birthday?!"

Loads of hands fly up at the same time, they know my birthday like it their own, who knows? Maybe some lucky girl does have the same date as me. I pick the girl who I think put her hand up first,

"You put your hand up first! What date of what month please."

She doesn't even blink before replying,

"13th September."

I clap and cheer her on, she starts giggling at all the attention,

"Well done! Whats your name?"

Her voice is clear as a bell,


"Well Clarissa you have won yourself a pack of gum!"

I dug through my jean pockets to find my half eaten pack of Wriggleys, I throw it down the twenty foot jump and she catches it in her left hand.

"Good catch! Sorry that its open."

She smiles in gratitude, I only see her mouth 'thankyou' as the crowd goes wild.

"Sorry guys I have nothing else but I do have a special gift here. So next winner will get a signed five pound note off this person and its not me so here we go.....Which other One Direction boy would you like to have right now, standing beside me?"

I pick a blond girl with green eyes, she smiles before replying in a way over-dreamy voice,


"Wrong! Moving on."

I pick a dark haired girl with tan skin, she smiles warily like she's afraid to get it wrong,


"Wrong again. Ugh guys! I can't believe it! You should be saying this lovable guys' name!"

I point to the blond girl from before, the one who was first to see me,


I smile triumphantly, of course she didn't let me down!

"Yes of course! Thankyou!"

She smiles again, Liam pops up clutching his chest as the crowd goes wild. His brown eyes are as sad as a puppy as he tries to quieten down the crowd, once there's silence he continues,

"That was very hurtful of you all to not want me here."

He dramatically sniffles like he's fake crying, he heads for the door while shouting so the crowd can hear,

"I guess.....if I'm not loved I better leave."

He swings open the door as the crowd erupts into screams of 'no's and 'don't go!'s, Liam closes the door and turns back to the crowd smiling proudly,

"I knew ye would come back round!"

Liam goes quiet as a fan shouts something about a prize, I nod my head and turn to Liam. Liam digs into his pocket for a fiver and I grab a pen I had in my back pocket, Liam quickly scribbles his signature on it and hands it to me. I scribble my name under Liam's and write a little note to Clarissa, adding a few x's to give a sing, I then write P.T.O on it and on the back I scribble my number and my name above it. I wave it in the air to all the fans, they scream in delight, many crossing their fingers, wishing they're the lucky girls who get the note.

"I believe that I promised the winner a note with Liam's autograph on it, I added mine on too for good luck."

I wink at Clarissa and hold eye contact with her as I continue,

"And Clarissa, you are a very lucky girl today. Not only have you a used pack of gum from me but also a signed five pound note by Liam and I! Now, there is something on the back of this note that is very special and I don't want you to read it until later on, when you're all alone. So please, once you get this put it in your pocket and don't let anyone see it."

Liam has been smiling and waving at the crowd until now, he turns to me in confusion but I shrug. Liam starts a speech on the One Directionettes but is interrupted by a limo pulling in at the front of the building. Fans are too busy to notice me throwing the note down to Clarissa as they're looking at the limo in confusion, Liam frowns as he was interrupted mid-sentence, something he hates. Liam and I leave, waving to the remainder of the crowd that doesn't care about the limo. Liam makes his way downstairs but I stop him and pull him back up the stairs, I don't know I just got this weird feeling. 

We stand looking down at the open door of the limo, five girls get out, all different and unique in their own ways, like the boys and me. One of them catches my attention, a dark haired tanned beauty. Another one of the girls, one with dark chocolate waves of hair is glaring at her with such fury that if looks could kill....the other girl doesn't even bother to care for the glaring girls' exsistance. The beauty, the once who caught my attention is gazing around at all the sights in amazement, she smiles at the fans and waves at the ones who are jumping up and down. I smile in spite of myself, she's so beautiful just exsisting makes me want to praise god for even thinking of such a beautiful creature. I gaze at her in amazement, she looks the building up and down, she glances over it another time to see me, she smiles at me kindly until she realises who I am. Her smile broadens and so does mine, I wave excitedly but she didn't get to see it as the security guards push all five girls into the building. I leave the railing and jump two stairs at a time, trying to make my way down as fast as possible.

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