One Directionettes

~One direction Fanfiction!~ When five girls all seperately enter an upcoming competition held by the 1D boys themselves and are chosen, will they make good use of their fame or ditch it for their old lives?


7. Chapter Seven

Amanda's P.O.V:

My flight was really comfortable which was amazing for what airline I booked. Thinking about home is making me worried because I didn't ring my parents, I left them a note. It seems a little cheesy but I can't ring them and its the only way, hell no! I'm not going to miss out on a chance in a lifetime just to stay home and go to school, no way hosé! After my flight I was escorted to a hotel, which was really fancy mind you! Its a five star and really amazing if you ask me, I'm in a room on my own and its a queen sized bed! Everything is matching but forget about the hotel, I'm here! I was told by the limo driver I was picked up by that I should be ready for a meeting at four o'clock at this building place, I dunno I can't remember the name. I chose a baby pink and purple skinny tee-shirt with puffy sleeves and a ribbon to tie around my back. I put on skinny blue jeans and my  black wedged Converse my parents got me before on their trip to America. I nervously bit my lip, I have never been to a thing like this before and I'm not sure if what I'm wearing is suitable for where we're going.

If I remembered the name of the place I could probably research it but I can't and that sucks. I run my fingers through my tousled hair, wishing that my parents let me pierce my ears so I could wear sophisticated earrings like all those famous celebs. I spend the rest of my afternoon unpacking and checking the fridge for food, I pop open a can of Dr. Pepper and take gentle sips on the fizzy refreshment. I don't want to run the bills on whoever is paying for my hotel room so I open a book I brought with me for travelling.

I get so lost in the book that I don't realise its twenty five past four, I hastily run around the room checking my hair and refreshing my makeup before making my way down to the lobby. The bell boy escorts me out to the front where the limo is parked right outside the door. I bid the bell-boy goodbye as the limo driver opens my door for me. I slide into the limo, now used to how low the roof is. There's two girls already in there, one has really nice curly, dirty-blond hair and green eyes. I look at her eyes, mesmorized, she is tan but you can tell its natural, like Shakira tanned. The way she flicks her hair you can tell she's over-confident and knows she's really pretty. The other girl is sitting beside her and isn't talking to her, clearly they aren't at all alike. This other girl has golden blond hair and crystal blue eyes like diamonds. The way she looks around tells you that the world and everything on it is beautiful and glorious. I have a feeling that I will get along with this girl, her skin is slightly tanned and also natural. Somethign about her tells me she isn't english, whether its the freckles hidden by her foundation or what but she is certainly unique. When she extends her hand to me and starts talking, I know for sure that she's definetly not english,

"Hi, I'm Jesse. Whats your name?"

I smile at how alike her accent is to Niall's, she's Irish. Her accent gives it away but she is clearly a lovely person and it goes without saying that I will definetly get along with her.

"Hi Jesse, I'm Amanda."

She smiles in delight,

"I have always loved that name! I hate my name, I guess we will be in a band together."

Her smile broadens as she continued. I reply smiling, her smile is just so contagious!

"Haha I guess so."

We both remain silent for awhile until the door is opened again, we all must be staying in the same hotel as the limo driver hasn't left and there's more girls to come. This girl who gets in is smiling before she even talks to us and you can tell she's having a great time even though we haven't gone anywhere yet. She has soft- looking hair thats dark chocolate brown and teal eyes, like a mixture between blue and green. She isn't really tanned, she's actually quite pale. I rub my tanned skin consciously, I'm a little darker than all the girls here. She smiles at all of us before speaking with an english accent,

"Hi, I'm Chloe. I play the piano and I have one borther called Jake and a dog called Bruno. I come from Lancashire and I love One Direction and music."

The curly haired blond girl glances up as well as all of us to listen to what the girl has to say. Chloe looks around for a minute before flushing red while laughing,

"I guess I should have waited until all of us were here."

We all laugh half-heartedly and glance at each other warily, very few of us being okay with total strangers. I'm fine with making new friends but our curly haired blondy over there is clearly not the type. I tap my foot on the limo floor, patiently waiting for Kat. It kinda broke me when I realised that she will be in the band too but I guess we will have to get along for everyone's sake. We need to stick together like 1D and fight through everything to make us stronger and closer than before. The lim odoor opens and in pops Kat, looking rather glorious today, she has a glow surrounding her like she just came down from heaven. All the girls in the limo look up at the fifth member of our band, Kat has her dark chocolate waves of hair in a high ponytail complete with a red velvet string top tucked into a dark blue pair of high-waisted jeans. She has on black studded ankle boots that have like a two or three inch heel. Her makeup is refined and looks natural, her string top going well with her dark skin. In ways we kinda look alike with our same coloured skin and our dark hair. Kat looks at me thoughtfully for a second before smiling and doing a little wave. She takes a deep breath before starting,

"I think its time to start introducing ourselves. I'm Kat Marlowe and I'm from Norfolk, I went to school with Amanda over there..."

She points to me and all the girls turn their attention from Kat to me and back to Kat again.

"And I'm an only child. I love my friends and my best friend was Mercedes and its funny because my car back home is a mercedes as well. Eh, I love One Direction but I especially love Zayn, he's a god! And I'm going to make the most of this opportunity and stick together as a band because I believe we can make it."

She smiles kindly at all of us, this isn't like the old Kat, she must have done alot of thinking during the trip here. Chloe does mock applauding as Kat smiles at her, the curly blond haired girl is next. She does the same as Kat, taking a deep breath before starting,

"I'm Heather and I'm from Essex. I auditioned for TOWIE but didn't get through as they told me I didn't have what they needed. My parents told me that I'd have a better future in singing as they heard me singing a few times, after spotting out news about this competition on Twitter, I checked its details to acknowledge that the competition was only between England and Ireland so I auditioned and here I am. I have no siblings like Kat and in somewhat, I find it alot easier. My parents love me even though I know I was a mistake but hell, I'm making the most of the beautiful life my parents gave me. I love Harry especially. Thats all about me."

She smiles, I noticed how when she was talking about having no siblings and that she was a mistake, she looked down sadly. I think she was just covering up her sadness and yearning for a sibling by saying that she finds it easier. I'm next, I clear my throat quietly before starting.

"Hi, I'm Amanda. Some people call me Mandy, I come from Norfolk like you heard and I play the guitar, I love music. I have a younger brother called Derek and I can't wait to become a band. I think we'd all get along and its nice to meet different people from different places and lands. Thats me."

Everyone glances over at Jesse when I mention 'different lands'. She blushes which is actually kinda cute. Chloe is next,

"Hi everyone! I'm Chloe Bexley and I come from Lancanshire. I have a younger brother called Jake and a dog called Bruno. I love music but I can't play anything, oooh! Maybe one of ye could teach me?"

She glances round at all of us, I speak up because it might bring us closer together as friends and bandmates,

"I'll teach you the guitar!"

She smiles in apprecitaion and mouths a 'thanks' before Jesse starts. Her Irish accent really is adorable,

"Hi everyone, I guess I'm the only Irish one here. Hahah like Niall, forever alone...."

She plays out mock-sadness and clutches her chest dramtically before continueing, while we all laugh quietly,

"I love Ireland but I prefer One Direction....."

We all can't hold in the laughter at how she comapres her native land to her favourite band, hey! That rhymes!

"I have a little sister called Amy and she is adorable! Everyone calls her a mini version of me! I come from Cork and play teh guitar like Niall! I'm often compared to him because I eat loads and I'm always hungry like him! He's my idol and I hope that this band works because ye all are awesome!"

She sits down triumphantly, smiling all the time, glad for her little speech as I smile at all my new bandmates. We are officially a band and know each other, some a little well more than others.

Okay so guyyysss!!!! Please listen and read this for me?? I tried to leave ye with a long chapter because my summer tests are all next week before the summer hols and I'm not sure if I'll be able to update!!! Something else happened quite recently too. A boy from my old class, we were quite good friends because we went to soccer together and school for eight years, his father died in a freak accident in a quarry so could ye maybe say a prayer for him???? Or even just appreciate what ye have because you don't know what you have ti'l its gone and the poor thing, the youngest is two so could you all maybe think about them for a minute and say a prayer or light a candle?? These things happen but most of the time to good people who don't deserve it, heck, nobody desereves this so could ye maybe take time to read this and appreciate what you have because seriously kids, bad things happen but so do good things. They say things happen for a reason and thats the motto I have lived by for the last couple of moths so thankyou guys, for reading liking commenting and faving.

~Caoimhe xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox :) <3

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