One Directionettes

~One direction Fanfiction!~ When five girls all seperately enter an upcoming competition held by the 1D boys themselves and are chosen, will they make good use of their fame or ditch it for their old lives?


4. Chapter Four

Kat Marlowe

Kat's P.O,V:

I stand my ground as I have a staring match with my mother, we're currently standing in the middle of Hollister and I'm holding up the short, tight red Hollister dress I'm planning on her buying me for the upcoming party this weekend. Its a house party and I don't want to show up wearing a granny skirt like my mum intends me to. Its a house party! I know she's been young before, hard and all to tell, and I'm not showing up in a granny skirt, the thing she made me try on was down to my knees! Sure I make her sit down with me every evening and watch all those fashion shows so she should know!

She finally gives in to buying me the tight dress and loads of pairs of Hollister shorts and tees and dresses, pretty much everything I asked for. She drove home in her BMW but I headed over to my friend, Mercedes', house. Its funny because my car is a Mercedes Benz and my best friends' name is Mercedes. I usually chill out at her place on Saturdays after the weekly shopping trip with my mum, getting ready at her house for the usual houseparties at other people's houses every Saturday.

I shiver as I hop out of my Mercedes in her mansion's courtyard, the breeze is kinda nippy today, and it doesn't help that all I'm wearing is my favourite hot pink short skirt and a white tank top with wedges. I quickly jog up to her front door, my dark chocolate waves of hair blowing around on my shoulders, sending shivers right through me. I admire my tan as I wait for someone to answer the door, I just got another layer sprayed the other day and it really suits my already dark tone and dark eyes. Mercedes finally answers, we head up to her room and she slams the door quickly. She sits me on the stool in her bedroom and faces me excitedly but dead serious,

"Is there anything you want to tell me Kat?"

I shake my head, starting to get worried. As seen as I'm one of the populars in my school,  people often spend their time making up stupid and pointless rumours, alot of the time its guys pretending that they made out with me, just for popularity I'm guessing. I look at her in question, she shakes her head before placing her sleek, thin laptop on my lap, forcing me to read the screen.

The winners have been announced!!!!!!

Chloe Bexley- Lancanshire

Heather Blair- Essex

Kat Marlowe- Norfolk

Amanda Palmer- Norfolk

Jesse Delaney- Cork, Ireland.

I jump up out of the chair I've been sitting on and dance round Merecedes bedroom before running out her bedroom door. I run straight past her hot brother in the hall and run outside, slamming the car of my Mercedes and speeding home. Once inside I check my own laptop before showing my mother.

Around five hours later I have my flight booked tommorow and my bags packed, I've to be in London for Monday so I'm leaving tommorow. I'm so excited! Idon't even care if I'm with a load of snotty girls, I'll be prettier than them all anyways! I don't realise I turned my phone off, I decide to leave it off because by now Mercedes will have had the whole school told.


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