One Directionettes

~One direction Fanfiction!~ When five girls all seperately enter an upcoming competition held by the 1D boys themselves and are chosen, will they make good use of their fame or ditch it for their old lives?


5. Chapter Five

Amanda Palmer:

Amanda's P.O.V:

I push a strand of my dark hair behind my unpierced ears, yes, unpiecered. But besides that point, I'm currently nearly sweating with stress right now. I'm in a Algebra test and forgot to study, which I have NEVER done before. My teeth are chattering and my head is pounding, I start to gnaw at my nails self-consciously and glance over at others who have finished their tests. I can't help but glance over at the most popular girl in our school, Kat. She's blabbing on about some competition she won where she's being sent away to be part of a band, I gulp when I think of the One Direction comp I entered the other day. What if she entered the same competition? What if we re put in the same band? I gulp as a shiver rolls down my spine, I mean, my audition wasn't that great. I didn't even tell Zach, imagine what he must think of me? Why is he even going out with someone like me?

You see, my name is Amanda and I have a boyfriend, unbelievable as it is, its true. Unfortunately for both of us, Kat Marlowe goes to the same school and believe me, has tried to flirt with my boyfriend but loyal as he is, blows her off every time. I have really dark brown hair and bangs, my chocolate brown eyes are like saucers on my small dark face. I'm very dark skinned, like tan. Like Zayn from 1D, yes I'm obsessed but who isn't?  I entered their massive worldwide competition the other day but looking over the other's auditions, I haven't got a chance. I sang Lazy Day by Bruno Mars with my guitar, it was fun to audition even though I haven't got a chance. The teachers are now filing down the aisles and taking people's papers. I only have five questions filled in, even though there's like twenty. I gulp and rub my face tiredly with my pain-staked hands. Kat's and all her friend's papers have been taken by the teachers and all of them are now turning in their seats excitedly, all fighting for the attention of the future star, Kat Marlowe. I groan and roll my eyes, they're about five rows ahead of me.

After going through the horrible glare the teacher gave me after looking at my test not half filled, I make my way towards Zach's locker. Kat is standing there, one arm hanging on the open door of his locker, the other pursed on her hip. She's batting her eyelashes and licking her lips slowly. I glare at her back as I walk to Zach's other side. I pull his head down and kiss him passionately on the lips, it deepens and he turns to wrap his arms around my hips. Kat stands there, pouting but holding her ground, exactly what I didn't want her to do. It would be amazing if she grabbed me by the hair and fought me to the ground, scratching me and biting, that way she'd be the bad guy and everyone would praise me for being defenseless. I grin and part the kiss, grinning as Zach reflects my happiness. Kat clears her throat loudly and stands there, both arms on her hips now. I inwardly groan as we both turn, eyes rolling to glare at her. She grins at the fact that we both have her attention now,

"So like I was saying, I'm leaving early today for my flight, for Monday you know?"

She takes off down the hall strutting her hips, we both just snort and turn back to his locker. I grab his arm and slam his locker shut, 

"Cmon we need lunch."

The walk home after school is tiring, Zach being unusually quiet. Maybe he guessed that I entered the auditions without telling him? I guess I would too if I were him considering every girl in the schools is screaming and giggling about it except for me, who has been totally ignoring the subject for fear of blushing and giving away the fact that I did enter, the only reason I didn't tell Zach is because he says 1D are stupid and the competition is just piling together a few innocent girls to be the pawns in their game of chess. I know, every Directioner on the planet must be dying to ask me why am I going out with him but he's a really down to earth guy like me, except I'm a girl.

Back to the point, he's really quiet and thoughtful as we make our way home together. Neither of us say a word for fear of stepping over the other's boundaries. He hasn't been like this since last October when he thought I was cheating on him with one of the soccer team's captains. I frown in concentration as I try to keep my step balanced, I nearly walk by my house until Zach's voice brings me back to the present,


Thats the sweetest word in the world right now, because he actually said something to me in the last twenty minutes. Even if he said 'goodbye' it still would be the sweetest word ever. I blush and walk up my path calling him a goodbye but what makes me immensely sad when I close the door is the fact that he didn't even say goodbye to me. I trudge up the stairs of our two storey house and plop on my bed, my parents are out of town for some concert and I honestly couldn't been bothered to make dinner for myself. I have a little brother called Derek but he's staying at a friends. My parents don't think I'm capable of minding him and quite frankly, neither do I. I turn on my radio and lean back on my soft bedspread, I run my fingers over the fine embroidery I stitched onto it last year for 20% of my overall Home Economics test. I was pretty stunned when I got an  A1 but there you go, maybe I have a future in cooking? I open up my laptop and check out the 1D website, they announced the winners, I click on the page. My heart is hammering around in my chest as I scroll down through the five lucky winners. I scream as my heart strings pluck like a guitar's when I see my name, right under Kat's.

I won.

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