One Directionettes

~One direction Fanfiction!~ When five girls all seperately enter an upcoming competition held by the 1D boys themselves and are chosen, will they make good use of their fame or ditch it for their old lives?


8. A/N

Okay guys!!! I havent updated in a while because its really hard to remember all the girls and I usually end up us8ing sticky notes so bear with me!!!!..........drumroll please....does anyone want to co-write this with me??!!!!! if so, comment below and if there's enough people asking I will throw them into a hat (all your names) and what i also wanted to tell all you amaZAYN, phenomiNIALL and extraodinHARRY readers is I'm asking y'all to check out my latest movella, FANFIC OF COURSE!!!!!!!  its called Being Danielle Peazer and I really think its good....cus people told me!!!! so pleaseeeeee check it out and spread the word!!!!! thanks xoxoxo love you all!!!!

~Clara xoxoxo <3

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