The Bling Ring

Marie and her friends are trouble makers. They do everything they possibly can to get attention. One boring night, her friends Liam, Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Erica, and her decide to go out, and end up being some of the most wanted people in America. Can they clear their name, or will they be forever criminals?


12. Hello Gorgeous




“Hey Finn, this shirt would look sexy on you.” Erica winked. Finn smirked and grabbed it from her.

“Yeah baby, you know it.” Finn smirked.

“I found Miranda’s Victoria Secret things!” I yelled excitedly. Erica and Harry (what?) came running in.

“I CALL DIBS ON THE OUTFIT THAT SHE WORE YESTERDAY AT THE FASHION SHOW!” Erica screamed as loud as she possible could. I rolled my eyes and dug through her closet. Why Harry was looking through her closet, I don’t know. He is a very interesting lad sometimes. I grabbed a blue sheer dress, and ran to the bathroom. I took off my clothes, and slid the dress on my thing body. I messed up my hair, and walked out of the bathroom like a model.

“Hello boys.” I said and leaned against the wall. All the boys eyed me, but Louis walked up to me, and we started making out.

“FOUND IT!” Erica screamed happily. She pulled out a black, sparkly, black cocktail dress. She stripped out of her clothes, and put it on. It was a perfect fit.

“Now, we need heels.” I smiled. Erica’s eyes lit up, and she ran into the shoe closet. I found a pair of nude 4 inch Chanel heels, that matched my dress perfectly.

“Hello gorgeous.” I said while staring at myself in the mirror. Erica rolled her eyes, and grabbed a hot pink 6 inch Gucci heels.

“We look so hot.” Erica said while standing beside me.

“I’m going to take this off and put it in my bag.” I smiled. I stripped down, and put the dress and heels in my garbage bag. I changed back into my clothes and stumbled out into the hall way.

“There is a whole other closet over there.” Erica said excitedly, pointing to a glass door. I ran over to the door, and walked inside. There were millions of dresses. I was in heaven. My eyes lit up, and I grabbed at least ten dresses and shoved them in my bag.

“Marie!” Erica yelled, I don’t know why, I was right across the room from her.

“Yeah!?” I yelled back. She held up a hot pink mini dress, which was faded at the bottom.

“Yay or neh?” She asked, gripping on the hanger. I sat there and pondered it for a second.

“Pink isn’t really your color, but you could give it a try.” I smiled. She shoved it into her bag, and looked around again. She grabbed a dark green maxi dress and blue heels and tossed them into her bag.

“COME ON! WE HAVE TO LEAVE, NOW!” Zayn yelled. I looked at Erica wide eyed. We grabbed our bags, and ran downstairs.

“OUT THE DOOR NOW!” Finn yelled as loud as he possibly could. I gripped on my bag, and we ran out the door.

“Oh. My. Gosh.” We stopped dead in our tracks as we saw a car pull into the large driveway.

“There home.”





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