The Bling Ring

Marie and her friends are trouble makers. They do everything they possibly can to get attention. One boring night, her friends Liam, Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Erica, and her decide to go out, and end up being some of the most wanted people in America. Can they clear their name, or will they be forever criminals?


21. Court

“The Hollywood Hills burglars have been caught. They were taken into the police station last Saturday, and they are going to be in court today, defending their selves.” The news reporter said. I sat in a limo watching the news on the way to court. I have gotten so much attention since the news of us being caught was out. I have been targeted by the paparazzi, and have been on covers of numerous magazines. There was going to be tons of news stations in the court room, I was really nervous and wanted to get this over with. I made sure I looked perfect. I had a black knee length pencil skirt, and a pink sheer blouse with a white tank top underneath it. I curled my hair in loose curls that tumbled down my back. I wore black round sunglasses, which matched perfectly with my black stilettos. I grabbed my coach purse, and gripped it tightly.

The limo driver came around to my side and I braced myself for the flashing lights. Suddenly, I was blinded. There were flashing lights everywhere. I held my head up and walked past them, ignoring their ongoing questions. I walked into the court, and I saw Charlie, Finn, Erica, and surprisingly, Harry.  I raised an eyebrow and walked towards the table I would be sitting at for hours. I sat down and looked at Harry.
“What the heck are you doing here?” I whispered violently into his ear.

“I admitted that I was part of the Bling Ring.” He mumbled. “I can’t stand living a life full of lies.” Harry explained. I raised an eyebrow.

“You’ve told enough lies, why are you coming clean now?” I stared at him.

“I was tired of it.” He shrugged his shoulders. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at the big chair that the judge was going to sit in any minute. The judge finally arrived, and ran his hands through his grey hair.

“The case of the Bling Rings.” He stated bluntly. “These kids were alleged with breaking in to multiple houses.” The judge looked over at us. “Is that true?”

“Yes.” Finn said out of nowhere. The jury stared at him. All the reporters were silent. Erica looked like she could murder him. The judge raised his eyebrow. I looked over at the other table across from us, and sitting there was Paris Hilton.

“I didn’t think that they would be that stupid.” She muttered a little too loud. I rolled my eyes and looked back at the judge. After about 2 more hours, we were declared guilty. Our jail time would start June 28th, which was a little more than a month. I walked out of court, and the reporters surrounded me.

“Marie! What do you think about being declared guilty?” A reporter yelled.

“I am a firm believer in karma.” I started, “And I believe that this situation will be a learning experience for all of us.” I paused. “I could be the president for all I know.” I shrugged.

“How did this all begin!?” Another reporter yelled.

“Choosing the wrong friends.” I said without an emotion.  I walked away and stepped into the limo.

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