The Bling Ring

Marie and her friends are trouble makers. They do everything they possibly can to get attention. One boring night, her friends Liam, Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Erica, and her decide to go out, and end up being some of the most wanted people in America. Can they clear their name, or will they be forever criminals?


6. Count Me In




I walked into my high school, with my JLo silver four inch heels, and my black Gucci purse. I wore my big round Chanel sun glasses and my favorite black mini skirt. My dark brown hair was curled into loose, bouncy curls. All the jocks were staring at my butt, and all the losers cleared out of my way. I saw that Finn guy from the party the other day, leaning against his locker. I found out that he was really good with technical things. I walked over to him, and his friends rolled their eyes and walked away.

“What do you want?” He asked grumpily. I smirked and licked my lips, I knew he liked it when I did that.

“You need to help me.” I demanded. His head turned to the side, and his eyes lit up slightly.

“With what?” He asked, then started checking me out. I was used to it.

“It has to do with Paris Hilton and robbing.” I smirked. I grabbed his phone out of his pocket and typed in my number. I handed it back to him, and he had a huge smirk. “Call me after school.” I turned around, flipped my hair over my shoulder, and walked off. I felt him starting at me, but I didn’t care. I strutted down the hall and headed to class.

                                            ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

“Here are the pictures of the house. Memorize it, make sure you know it. We can’t afford to get caught.” Zayn explained. I nodded my head, and looked at my map.

“This is going to be awesome.” Erica smirked.

“I call dips on the dress that she wore last week to the charity ball.” I said with a wink. Erica started pouting. I rolled my eyes and looked at the pictures again. My phone started to ring, and saw that it was Finn. “Hello?”

“Hey, so what about Paris Hilton and robbing?” He asked, a little too excited

“Oh yes. How would you like to be the mastermind behind one of the biggest robbery in America?” I asked, trying to get him to help us. I knew that he was smirking, I could almost hear it.

“Count me in.”




Sorry for the short chapter! I will update later!


Love you all!




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