The Bling Ring

Marie and her friends are trouble makers. They do everything they possibly can to get attention. One boring night, her friends Liam, Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Erica, and her decide to go out, and end up being some of the most wanted people in America. Can they clear their name, or will they be forever criminals?


16. Caught





“Lindsay’s stuff is so crappy.” Erica complained.

“Well, what do you expect?” I rolled my eyes. I was wearing Adrina Patridge’s blue maxi dress, with Pairs Hilton’s nude heels, and Miranda Kerr’s matching silver necklace and bracelet. I scurried across the huge mansion which smelled of alcohol and cigarettes.


“GOOD FOR YOU!” James yelled from the other side of the house. I giggled and rolled my eyes, then continued looking through her shoe closet. I saw some very ugly leopard print heels, and right next to it a cigarette tray. There were pictures of Lindsay in ‘The Parent Trap’ on the wall. The room was quite an ugly room, there was no color, it was all brown. I looked around, trying to find a semi cute pair of heels (like I didn’t have enough). As I was looking at a cute pair of green stilettos, Erica came in with a pale face, she was literally white.

“W-whats wrong?” I stuttered. She was trembling, and she looked like she was crying. I dropped the shoes and came up to her. “Seriously? What’s wrong?”  I asked in a panicking tone. Tears streamed down my cheeks, I was scared. What was she going to say?

“F-f-follow me.” She mumbled. I ran behind her, while she walked like a zombie. We walked into the movie theater that Harry found. They were all sitting on the seats, their faces were white and they weren’t moving. I looked up at the screen and went white to. Us. We. We were on the TV. I put my hands over my mouth while I watched us walk across a mansion.

“Here is the tape that we found in Adrina Patraidge ‘s security cameras. As you can see, the thieves are running around, not realizing that there was a camera.” The ABC news reporter started, “The FBI are looking at the tape closer, trying to figure out who these teens are. The police also stated that a fan saw two of the boys from the popular boy band ‘One Direction’ sneak into the house. She said that the members looked like Harry Styles and Zayn Malik.”

“Yes, that could also be in the girls imagination.” The woman reporter joked. “Why would the boys who have everything they could wish for break into these houses?”

“True, very true.” The male reporter replied. “The police also said that the chain of robberies is done by the same people, which we suspected.” We heard a door slam and footsteps stumble in. I was never more scared in my life. As the footsteps came closer and closer we hid under the seats.

“Hello!?” I creaky voice yelled, who was obviously Lindsay Lohan. We all stayed quiet. Tears streamed down my cheeks. “Who the hell is here!?” She screamed. I stopped breathing. We were caught, we were dead. She walked closer and closer…





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