Intrusion: The World Upon Downside!

Why, why; why! Do I have to suffer something so paranormal? So unusual; it’s like earth is fighting back, yet now it is trying to redeem its true title. I feel like the balance between everyone has had a massive drop. The balance in humanity has lost against a stronger force. The final balance between civilizations has been lifted. Most of the natural disasters upon us are causing more destruction than ever before.
I have to sit here, day by day; watching the sun go down; yet to us, it is going up. The whole world is going up in a single spark; flames will erupt with corruption on earth. The world we once knew has become a hell hole; a dimension, a new planet has begun to grow from beneath us. Yet to us; it feels like it’s growing upon us. From above; the ground shakes, roars breaking down our trees. Separating us from each-other, leaving us with what the dinosaurs ended with.

Written By: xxJessxx (Luke! Not Jess {Cousin} & Diantha
Warning: Content in this story: Bad Language.


13. Worlds & Close Spaces

“It's time to get even, my mates don’t like to be kept waiting, if you know what I mean... if you had any idea why most of us do this; then maybe you would be a hero...” the stranger got closer to my face; secretly holding the little girl behind his back.

“Na, a hero is someone who fights for their people; or even just for world peace! You know mate, heck; I don’t even think I can call you a mate...” I rolled my eyes; speaking in a sarcastic tone.

This teenage thug, thinks he can threaten us just like that? Either way; he had a point... if I knew why he did these criminal acts, then maybe I could put a stop to it. The people on the bus had lost their minds, no longer believing in sweet dreams; more like nightmares... as for the little girl; off-course I noticed she had been taken by this jerk. It was obvious; he never even tried to make it look less obvious. In an event to snatch her out of his clutched together hands, I kicked him in the kneecap.

“Ouch, n-no way, no way am I going to let you get away with that you freak!” The stranger screamed in agony whilst grunting as he spoke.

In a heartbeat I had made a decision to rather take a bullet; or to take a shot to save a young girl who still has a future ahead of her. The choices were pretty well made up for me; my heart had feelings after-all, I felt feelings to keep the little girl safe. Promising her she may see her family again; it wouldn’t be lying... it would be telling an untold truth; something she wouldn’t have known yet.

The bus driver’s radio seemed to crackle, making sounds that a little nerve racking at first. “Breaking news, the sky seems to be changing; yet something stranger is occurring... I have no idea if I can report this; just sign me out of here!” The female news reported sounded scared; a little scary at first to those still trapped on the bus.

The stranger ignored the radio; in-fact he was so determined to cause misery to innocent lives; he had made a decision to shoot randomly. The dangers he had now placed in this bus; it had most likely occurred to something a little more severe than ever imagined. My dive to rescue the young girl was a little more of a fail; yet it kept her away from him. In many ways; I saved her...

Breathtaking, that’s what it felt like... very breathtaking, even for adults; even for families... loud rumbling noises echoed from outside the bus; almost instantly, something unusual occurred. The wheels on the bus had collided with something; then before we could move from sudden shocks, darkness roamed all around. I could not see anyone; I could not see anything!

*** 1 Year Ago ***

“The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round – round and round” a very static voice kept a signal in my ears. It seemed to repeat over and over again; as if I was in some kind of trance.

“Karl, this bus goes round and round; round and round, until it never stops!” A strange voice spoke, saying my name twice; whilst breaking into a speech of threatening words...

(The sounds then stopped; no more sounds, no more music; just dead silence...)

*** Present Day/Night ***

“H-h-hello, anybody here”, I called out with a break in my voice; seemed to be a little claustrophobic.

No sound, nothing... I tried to witness everything around me; yet there was nothing; just pure darkness... the problem that escalated further into my mind; it would have had to be a past memory, along with me freaking out from losing a young girl... she felt like a daughter to me; I felt a strong connection, kind of like she is my dream child; in a way, I guess...

No surrounds, just emptiness; I felt as if I was being pressed against the floor; forced to prone through pure darkness. Most of the sound in the bus, at-least I presumed it was the bus. After-all; it’s not I left the bus; I was on the bus with me and a little girl; with a dangerous criminal... It’s what I remember at-least; so it must be true; nobody would dream such a stupid thing...

I proceeded further and further; finally I could sense a surrounding, it was like a thin object. I slowly moved my hand; this felt so strange; I could sense my movement; yet I couldn’t see it. It’s like someone going numb in all their nerves; not feeling anything, only I would say that this a little worse; probably because I haven’t experienced the trouble that being numb can cause.

“H-h-hello” I felt the need to still call out; after-all it usually can help find people; sort of like when I was lost in the market. All alone as a child; obviously the place was huge – at least back then it was...

The sounds of rumbling seemed to commence; all of a sudden; I felt my heart beat get a little faster. The facts of no movement; well it was certainly unexpected. Remembering back to the cries of a news reporter; she sounded terrified, more or less; as if she had been trapped... then again, maybe I’m over-thinking this; I already knew the sky had changed. I already knew something was about to come; only positives seemed to keep me happy.

“M-mister, if mummy returns, then maybe...” a very quiet voice mumbled; it sounded like the little girl, the one I care about a lot...

The sound of her voice; it was soothing enough to keep me focussed; only problem was, what am I supposed to be focussing on? The more I went through the darkness; the more I questioned things. Finally I seemed to have hit a dead end; at-least it felt like a dead-end. I managed to lift myself onto my knees; now kneeling nears some kind of dead-end.

“M-mister, where are you?!” The little girl was now screaming for me; it sounded a little more tormenting than her just whispering for me.

The dead-end; it felt a little squishy, I noticed that it was more of a softer material; I managed to go over it, focussing on just pure darkness. The real problem I had in this place; a sense of direction... which way is left, which way is right? I had no idea... I just went with whatever felt normal I guess, as for the darkness; it only made this more terrifying...

“M-mister, mummy will find me...” the little girl was now crying; she sounded closer though, so maybe I am on the right path to finding her.


Whatever that dead-end was, it was certainly not a wall; how would you get over a wall... especially if I feel as if I’m stuck to a ground full of no movement or life... I rolled my eyes towards more darkness; still not realising where I am, no lights... nothing?! I was sort of losing my mind; then again, what exactly am I losing?!

The little girl’s crying, it seemed to have stopped; just silence again... I went a little further into a random direction, unknown to where I am... a dripping sound of a liquid; it sounded like something flowing underneath me, I tried to gather what the heck is going on. Nothing made sense; nothing even made my mind agree. I got a little further into the darkness; it seemed to feel like my eyes were closed. The flowing sound underneath me; it sounded like water I guess...

Before I knew it; not only could I not see, my nerves were failing to feel for what is happening inside this place. Clutching onto some kind of handle; it felt a little like some kind of hook. I grasped onto it to my dear-life; feelings a strange movement or my lower body hanging off something. Instantly; the sudden movement changed, I had fallen back into darkness; even though I was already in darkness...

The feeling of colliding with something no longer soft; it felt more like something solid... now on the other side of darkness; I guess it’s all I can presume that had happened. I now felt like something was swallowing me; this was such a horrible experience. Before I could even re-act to me being flowed into a mouth of some sort; the colour of the darkness seemed to change into pure darkness with a tint of blueness...

Not only did the colours change; I now felt as if I was losing air... oxygen level dropping perhaps? Who knows, it may have felt a little strange; yet the pain and suffering was yet to come... It sort of felt like bottling many emotions; only then to suffer with physical pain rather than mental stress... not only did my movement now feel as if I was being ripped apart from myself. Even my brain felt like it had been drowning in juices...

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