Intrusion: The World Upon Downside!

Why, why; why! Do I have to suffer something so paranormal? So unusual; it’s like earth is fighting back, yet now it is trying to redeem its true title. I feel like the balance between everyone has had a massive drop. The balance in humanity has lost against a stronger force. The final balance between civilizations has been lifted. Most of the natural disasters upon us are causing more destruction than ever before.
I have to sit here, day by day; watching the sun go down; yet to us, it is going up. The whole world is going up in a single spark; flames will erupt with corruption on earth. The world we once knew has become a hell hole; a dimension, a new planet has begun to grow from beneath us. Yet to us; it feels like it’s growing upon us. From above; the ground shakes, roars breaking down our trees. Separating us from each-other, leaving us with what the dinosaurs ended with.

Written By: xxJessxx (Luke! Not Jess {Cousin} & Diantha
Warning: Content in this story: Bad Language.


9. Undertaking the Adventure

Tonight is going to be hell... I can already feel Amy luring me into some kind of trap, my trust signals on her; well they certainly have lowered their expectations. She is going to be very pessimistic as we travel to meet Joey, I don’t expect too much. The weapons attached to our waists; as I sweat from the long walk ahead, Father will most likely be back soon anyway; at-least I hope so...

“Joey is not going to be expecting you though, so if anything; you’re being the one to fall for him, okay?” Amy responded with a very clear thought.

“I can’t just be the one to fail, why don’t you just go along with his expectations? Allowing me to track him down, stopping him in his footsteps” I replied with a smile.

Amy must have thought I was very cynical to her commands. Yet, we are not going to split-up just because of a boy who is out past his bed time. Rather that or we destroy his money farm; either way, I’m staying to my true ways; even if Amy doesn’t see me through half the time.

Crime around the city had got worse, around the entire globe; it seems that everything was finally erupting in a matter of minutes. Teenagers had no longer respected the adults; along with caring for others. They were now becoming greedy with the power and fortune their hearts desire; over their distinctive dreaming.

“Karl, Ben is the one who is going to need the taking down. Joey won’t be so easy...” Amy composed, I was listening half way; yet something caught my attention.

“Amy, what makes you so sure that Joey won’t be so easy?” I stuttered; looking at Amy in confusion.

Walking from my home all the way to Joey’s zone, it was only a matter of time before we arrive. I held Amy’s hand for a brief second; not realising she was smiling. Amy let go, pulling out her weapon from the silver quiver she had installed. I managed to catch a glimpse of the shininess; yet she hidden the weapon from my sight in an instant. Before I knew it; the weapon was back in her quiver.

“Joey... well he, I just have this sick feeling okay; he may not be strong. Yet he can still up a fight as good as anyone really...” Amy replied; coughing at the end of her sentence.

This day was not going to be natural – not just you’re average every day. The hope that is left in us will soon be taken away, If only we had known that our own planet was finally about to surprise us. The sky had already changed into a gloomy purple sky; along with the moon being more visible to our eye sights. As soon as we could see the blueness was fading; we had little hope left that oxygen is going to have a massive drop. Amy never picked up on this as quickly as I did...

“We’re here Karl, we break in; we take out; remember our plan. Do not fail me” Amy ordered; brushing off the dust from her face.

“O-okay Amy; just make sure Joey is distracted” I responded; keeping a close eye on the sky.

The sky had been changing colour; going from purple to darker purple, blending into a dark white. It was strange; as if the sky was finally becoming corrupted. Not knowing what this meant; I had a feeling it was almost certainly going to be something dangerous. Due to the lack of knowing what it could mean; I found myself staring at it every three minutes. Focussing on the changes the sky presents us with.

Before I ran into the hideout, Ben was most likely going to be standing inside; whether he is guarded or just patrolling. We will soon find out; meanwhile, Amy made a quick jump onto the rims of the building. Using her katana to swing down some of the pipes leading into the building; the place we were at was pretty messed up; looked more broken than rebellion.

“J-Joey, I made it; I got your phone call, Joey?!” Amy called out loudly; her voice was pretty quiet from where I was standing.

“Amy? What are you doing here, Joey doesn’t just call for his friends to join him” A friend of Joey’s said, holding Amy by the arms.

“N-no you don’t understand, I actually got a phone-call” Amy replied; trying to break out of Joey’s friend’s clutches.

Meanwhile, I was still finding a quicker route to find Ben. The ceilings looked pretty damaged, along with the floors being coated in debris. Even the pipelines were circling all over the place; obviously they don’t care about the way their place looks. As long as they get the riches; surely they can handle a little pressure from a terrible hideout. The place was pretty well secure however; most of the doors were locked, a few guards patrolling some of the debris areas.

*** Back with Amy ***

“Let go of her, I did make a phone-call. Yet I never expected you to return here” Joey replied.

Amy was no longer being held back; she was free from the boy’s clutches. From Amy’s view, she could only see the darkness inside of the lads around her. Even the state of the place made her re-think her steps. Joey however, hidden under a dark hood; with gold chains all around his neck. Most of his friends were wearing hoods too; lots of leather wrapped around their gloves.

“Well I did, the phone-call; it means work, just like old times. Plus, well you promise me a lot Joey” Amy replied; soon to be interrupted by Ben.

“Joey, if she is here; do you think?” Ben muttered.

“Shush, come with me; we can speak in my office” Joey replied to Ben secretly; making swift moves to escape Amy’s site.

*** I manage to find the office ***

While Amy is still out of my hearing, let alone my sight. I managed to track down Ben; to my surprise I had found that Joey is also with him. Making this a little more difficult than I had first expected, thankfully, there was a small vent shaft; I never expected it to be too massive, in a place like this; I just expected the obvious.

“I know she is here, yet I can’t help but wonder if the boy you heard on the phone is here too” A voice spoken in quiet tone.

“For the last time Ben, if that is the case; I am sure GD will take care of him” Joey replied; his voice was too obvious to remember.

“You better hope so Joey, because if I find out that he takes us down; I will not be responsible for the down-fall of your family” A voice threatened Joey.

Before I even went to take down Ben, I heard Amy scream from a short distance. Having to climb out of the vent without being noticed; this job had gotten a lot more risky, I managed to get out of the vent; not long before cutting my kneecap on some of the loose sharp metal. Most of the blood I could handle; yet the pain was a little too much to bear.

*** Amy’s Danger ***

“Sorry, Joey wants you gone before GD shows up, he will be the one to take you out; I have no idea why you bothered to return” a female voice whispered into Amy’s ear; soon breaking silence.

Amy couldn’t speak, the female she knew; seemed to be an old friend of hers. Must be what happens in the gang life; betraying is most likely the most dangerous consequence. Still trying to get over the fact that Joey and someone else is with him along with Ben. Before going to Amy’s position; I busted down the door; that Joey and Ben went in. The room was pretty empty; a small desk was in the corner. Along with a bunch of drawers; mainly just paper work by the looks of it.

“Hang on a second Joey, I need to check the new kids paperwork; make sure it’s sufficient” Ben said; I had realised that Ben is heading back inside the room.

Before Ben stepped foot into the room I was in; I had hidden myself under a pile of clothes; near the clothes were a few weaker weapons. Along with broken scraps; even some old parts from cars. The moment I spotted Ben, I felt the need to take him down; it was a perfect opportunity. Due to my recent pain; I could manage to take one last risk – even if it was just to take down Ben temporarily. While Ben was searching through some of the drawers; I picked up a long sports sock.

Stretching it out long enough to be used as a choke weapon; if anything; it’s going to have to do to silence the boy. Ben closed the drawers; I leapt out of my spot, throwing full weight onto Ben’s back, finally seducing him. Keeping him silent from Joey’s ears, His mumbling is all I could hear. Yet he never fell onto the ground; maybe he is a little stronger than I thought.

“Get off!” Ben shouted; breaking out of my arms.

“No, why don’t you get off” I whispered with an angry tone.

Ben threw me across the dark red carpet; I scraped my chest off most of the carpet. Leaving me with more pain; carpet burn was now taking place. Holding in my screams; I got up lunging into Ben with a box that was on the floor. Thank-fully it was enough to knock him down. Before I could hold him down; he had picked up a gun. I never expected him to be carrying such a dangerous weapon...

“Hands up, come on; I want your name; along with everything you stand for!” Ben bellowed; pushing me into the wall, holding a gun to my head.

“O-o-okay, my name is... look how about we just talk instead of fighting...” I tried to persuade him to dropping the gun.

“Na, too risky; can’t have you ruining Joey’s plans. As for your girl friend; I’m sure she is going to be fine” Ben taunted me; revealing that he has my girlfriend?

Damn, he must mean Amy; crap, I should of thought of something before managing this dangerous freak. Violence had been something these people had adjusted to, seems like the entire world has gone mad. The sky was out of sight; who knowing what could happen if I keep this from them. Nobody has told me about the sky, yet I feel like it’s a negative reaction or worst...

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