Intrusion: The World Upon Downside!

Why, why; why! Do I have to suffer something so paranormal? So unusual; it’s like earth is fighting back, yet now it is trying to redeem its true title. I feel like the balance between everyone has had a massive drop. The balance in humanity has lost against a stronger force. The final balance between civilizations has been lifted. Most of the natural disasters upon us are causing more destruction than ever before.
I have to sit here, day by day; watching the sun go down; yet to us, it is going up. The whole world is going up in a single spark; flames will erupt with corruption on earth. The world we once knew has become a hell hole; a dimension, a new planet has begun to grow from beneath us. Yet to us; it feels like it’s growing upon us. From above; the ground shakes, roars breaking down our trees. Separating us from each-other, leaving us with what the dinosaurs ended with.

Written By: xxJessxx (Luke! Not Jess {Cousin} & Diantha
Warning: Content in this story: Bad Language.


7. The Unbalancing Planet

*** Flash Back ***

“Amy, no matter what you do; no matter where you hide, I shall always find you” I whispered.

“If that’s so honey, why don’t you find the one you’re missing?” A voice replied.

“Shut up! Shut up! – I know who that is, so why don’t you disappear!” A familiar voice screamed.

“You’re questioning who I am, how about a flare to finish us!” I screamed.

“S-son, what happened? Why is the house in bits Son?!” A loud voice screams down my ear.

*** Flash Back Ends ***

“Amy, I remember; I remember what happened; I promised that I would always come back to find you; never leaving you alone” I spoke with my hands pressed up against the wall.

“Karl, I don’t want to hear you’re excuses anymore; those gangs you were in; why would you do that to me Karl? Leave me alone with bullies; people who wanted me dead...” she whispered with hate; pushing me further against the wall.

“Amy, I did not j-join any gangs, I remember you being the one trapped with gangs. Those boys spoke to you like you were their charm. Everything was promised to be fine; I remember one time, you stood up to that mean bully. Delivering him a kiss instead of a punch or slap” I replied; slowly losing consciousness to everything I had heard so far.

My mind was buzzing with so many memories; I could not hold them all together. Amy stood in front of me while father missing. I need to find him; I made a god damn promise to keep safe. I even would have written my will to someone just to get him back home. He means the world to me; Amy too, I just wish she would see the truth and the facts.

“Karl, now that I think deeply about your emotions. Why would you lie to me? Yet you’re right about that kiss. That day is when you left me Karl; I can see that you’re thinking back to it. So why can’t you remember my suffering? Why do you only remember a pointless kiss?” She spoke with a soft tone; as her voice picked up a louder tone; angrier than before.

“B-because, that kiss ruined me too! You think that you were the only one suffering, you put me last, I put you first, there is a difference Amy! We promised to look out for each other; I left you for that reason, the same reason why you left me...” I whispered; as my face expression started to show anger and hatred.

Amy could not take any more information from me; she remembered back to the time when that kiss happened. No longer stood in front of me; she was now walking back slowly. Me still lying against a wall; in pain from everything I’ve had to discuss with her. She no longer questioned me; she just walked back further and further.

“Karl, the blade; it was a gift from my grand-father... he gave me for self protection. To keep away from the nightmares; mainly to use as self defence when someone hurts me to a point I can’t stand. Karl, you were right about everything... the information I received; everything on how i knew more about you. It was never just memories; I sort of lied...” she replied while looking down at the floor; quite a distance from me lying against the wall.

“W-what do you mean Amy? If you’re saying our love was full of lies; yet memories don’t seem to wash with you. How do you know more about me? Go one! Please inform me with this...” I spoke with a soft tone; more anger building up inside of me. I wanted the truth the moment she had told me, she had lied to my face!

“K-Karl, please don’t be angry at me, I needed to know; I had to know the truth... you were clearly not listening to me. I trained at my grand-father’s dojo; that is the reason I were gone for so many years; I left to get my own space. The fact you left me too; I couldn’t control myself as good as when I was with you. Grand-father never died... well not really, it wasn’t an accident...” Amy whispered as she made more tears from her sore eyes.

“Amy, you meant the world to me; as much as father means to me now. I sort of replaced you with him; since he was there for me in such terrible times. As for your grand-father, the murderer, you were talking about you... n-no, no, that can’t be right!” I spoke with a soft tone; forcefully breaking out into tears along with a high toned voice.

“Y-yes, Karl... if you were there; you could have stopped me. That phone call was from an old gang; Joey his name is; promised me a lot more than just happiness. So far, his kept true to his word; that katana was a weapon I’ve been hiding for months... keeping it away from anyone who would suspect me as a killer. Most of the people think I am some kind of Ninja. Let’s keep it that way shall we?” Amy whispered; delivering the shocking truth.

As Amy had finished her truthful sentence; she held her hand out, offering me to keep it a secret. We still feel for each other deep down; yet the shocking truth has turned me away from getting back together with her. If she has murdered her own family member; how can I trust her again? Heck, I don’t even want her in my house any more.

“No Amy, secrets must not stay secrets. It’s like you want him no longer remembered; someone needs to know... how can you live with yourself Amy? Alone without your grandfather who I might add; looked after you for your whole life. Since you’re parents failed...” I spoke letting her know I am not longer afraid of her. Yet she interrupted my last words.

“Karl! Don’t you ever... ever mention my parents; you’re so lucky I had given you a second chance. The blade that draws blood; I use it okay, it’s my Ninja ways. I actually feel like a Ninja; after-all, I have the weapon, the weapon that creates fear. So leave me be!” She screamed; while moving into the living room. I lifted myself up a little more; trying to gain balance.

Amy, so her name is Amy; I couldn’t remember her. Her name was like a shield, it felt like I was her pulse. Pumping her oxygen, she needs to survive. The moment she had mentioned my data; I thought she was a leech. Yet, she is just plain of Amy...

I could feel my heart gaining normality back, as I lay there thinking about father. He had left the home for quite a while now; I began to worry a little. Yet Amy seemed to be my biggest concern; she had me back in the past; now she wants me again. We had ended the relationship; I can’t live with myself if I end up dating a murderer. Who knows what terrors she could bring to father’s doorstep?

*** 2 Hours Later ***

W-where am I? I guess I have gained my consciousness back. No longer riving in pain; I was now back, it felt like I was gone for a while; until father’s words trapped in my mind; forcing me to remember him. Never forgotten, I needed to find him, too much destruction is out there... Amy, I need to persuade Amy. I know she did wrong; yet I have no proof on whether it was an accident or by purpose; Mother taught me to put a side our differences. So I need to at least try for father’s and mother’s sakes.

Most of the hallway was pretty well damaged; some old photo frames lying in debris. The boys sure made a mess in here; most of the areas in the home were looted. Deciding on whether I need a weapon; I wanted to make amends with Amy, before I try anything not so smart. I managed to stand; limping over to the room Amy had walked into. Hoping she hadn’t left...

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