Intrusion: The World Upon Downside!

Why, why; why! Do I have to suffer something so paranormal? So unusual; it’s like earth is fighting back, yet now it is trying to redeem its true title. I feel like the balance between everyone has had a massive drop. The balance in humanity has lost against a stronger force. The final balance between civilizations has been lifted. Most of the natural disasters upon us are causing more destruction than ever before.
I have to sit here, day by day; watching the sun go down; yet to us, it is going up. The whole world is going up in a single spark; flames will erupt with corruption on earth. The world we once knew has become a hell hole; a dimension, a new planet has begun to grow from beneath us. Yet to us; it feels like it’s growing upon us. From above; the ground shakes, roars breaking down our trees. Separating us from each-other, leaving us with what the dinosaurs ended with.

Written By: xxJessxx (Luke! Not Jess {Cousin} & Diantha
Warning: Content in this story: Bad Language.


6. The Unbalanced Earth Begins

We were soon interrupted by a phone call; I checked my pockets to see if it was my phone. Yet to my surprise; it was the girl’s phone. She seemed very tense after that hug; I felt a connection between me and her. Even though it only lasted a few minutes; it still felt good. She broke free from my arms; while stepping out of the hug circle, which is what I would have called it, if it had only lasted longer.

“Sorry, I have got to take this call; I’m concerned about your father” she whispered; while covering the speaker from the phone. Seemed like a very private call; I was more concerned on why she would be caring about my father all of a sudden.

I nodded while giving her eye contact the entire time before I left the room to search some more. Not only was father no longer in the house; I never heard the door slam, then again he may of just closed it quietly. If he was frightened; I feel that he may have gone outside; to have a stroll. If that is true, then I doubt he is coming back; after last time mother found out her had feelings...

The girl’s voice was still reaching me, yet I had to concentrate on what was more important. Family, after-all father has done for me, I need to keep him safe; I promised him I would, we sort of made a vowel to look out for each other. After steadily walking past the katana laid against the wall; I was curious to what this blade meant to her. I’m sure if it was family generations; it would mean a lot to me too. Father would have been curious too; either way I can’t let her keep too many secrets from me.

I presumed the phone call ended; since the whole apartment was now silent. No sound what so ever; just me breathing steadily; keeping a hold of the katana no longer leaning against the wall. I now had it in my hands; who knows what this weapon hides; many secrets I want to know most likely. As I moved my head closer to the blade; I could see a small line of text.

Reading it was the problem; I would need my magnify glass to be certain on what these words are. As I made the decision whether I should leave the katana here against the wall; or take it with me while I find the magnify glass. The choice wasn’t too difficult; I had decided to take it with me. Before I could even reach the stairs; the girl had jumped in front of me.

“Well, my phone call is over Karl...” she whispered; as she could clearly see the katana was in my hands. I tried to hide it; yet it was no use, she had seen me with it; it’s only a matter of time before she freaks out. Who knows what she will do to me...

“W-wait, how did you know my name?” I replied with an idiomatic thought.

“Never-mind that, Karl; I am more curious with the way you said that sentence” she replied, keeping me away from the stairs. Everything about her that I thought I knew seemed to change. Even her actions became a little scarier than usual; I felt a little petrified inside.

“Well, it’s true; I can say it how I like; why are you standing in my way?” I asked; trying to sound brave towards her grin.

“Y-your way, you certainly feel that I am a pest don’t you? Yet you’re still curious on many things, Karl. I have trouble processing all you’re data. You’re not very easy to read; yet I realised you’re not capable of standing up to me” she whispered.

How did she know that? The way she had told me data; I was even more curious on who she is. Heck, I weren’t even sure if she was human. The way she had been acting had only scared me further away from the stairs. However, she still kept me walking backwards; every time she got closer to me; I felt as if I were trapped.

“The facts you know about me so far, I doubt they are true; where ever you’re source is. I want to know who you really are!” I screamed; as she no longer spoke to me. Just standing there, staring at me creepily. Everything she had been doing since the stairs; I can’t stand looking at her...

“The source, the details, the events; Karl, what do you see in me?” She asked; while finally taking steps back away from me. To be honest I don’t know what I saw in her.

“I see a stressed girl; going through some terrible events. If I have to be honest; I see a girl trying to scare me away” I spoke while speaking with a lie; then transforming into the truth.

“Interesting Karl, It’s good that you’re finally telling the truth to someone. Those lies you made before; well I certainly don’t approve them” she replied; while then surprising me further.

“As I already know you were curious about many things. I sensed that you were curious on whom I am; yet you seem to care more about where I am?” She spoke; I felt as she was playing with my mind. I didn’t know if I could trust her anymore; she was beyond creepy by the time she had started her devious ways on seducing me.

“Manipulating your thoughts, I had found that you actually know my name. Yet you seem to have forgotten me; it’s been two years since our last encounter. Funny enough, you’re mother invited me around for dinner every week. How can you forget me?” She whispered; moving further towards me. I felt enclosed in a locked prison.

“I-I don’t know, I only imagine you’re from my old school. I’m still not sure whether I once knew you. If you are who I am thinking you are; then I believe you’re name was Amy” I replied; my mind was losing focus as I began to spill information she wanted to hear.

“A-Amy, so you do remember me partly; however, I feel that you have lost a lot of interest lately. You’re lacking you’re intelligence. I even feel that you no longer have a crush on me” she replied with shocking news; I had never ever thought I asked Amy out.

“W-well our last date was back at the skate park; skating for a few hours. Amy never liked skating though; she enjoyed the outside beauty, I remember the times we spent in the nature park” I whispered; keeping her informed with how I remember her.

“Nature Park, seriously; I feel that that Amy has left ever since you left her behind. In-fact this Amy certainly can’t stand your lies!” She screamed; as my space became limited; she had me in a corner trapped. The weapons she still had hidden were most likely about to be revealed.

“I only remember the Amy who actually enjoyed spending time with me; not the one who is threatening me now; when did you change Amy, When did you change from loving to horrific?!” I shouted; ignoring everything that had happened before.

“Karl, I never changed; it’s you who changed. You left me with some boy who tried to murder me; what were you thinking back then? Did you have some kind of wish for me to die? I don’t understand you now; yet I don’t think I can understand you ever again” she replied.

I never left her; she had always been by my side. Mostly I was always there for her; keeping her safe from bullies. Even old gangs she got involved in; I was the one who stood up for her. I had to take so much pain for her just to be near her. She was like an irresistible girl; with a shield of bullies protecting her. Yet they wanted her dead for all I remember.

“Grand-father left me that katana, remember? Back in the fields; we had fun then I received news that my grand-father was close to death. Yeah, he told me himself; how do you think I felt, Karl?” she asked, more tears rolled down her cheeks. Once again I felt sorry for her; yet slowly beginning to trust her. Maybe we were making progress with our ever lasting relationship that should have happened... who knows; maybe we can finally make amends...

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