Intrusion: The World Upon Downside!

Why, why; why! Do I have to suffer something so paranormal? So unusual; it’s like earth is fighting back, yet now it is trying to redeem its true title. I feel like the balance between everyone has had a massive drop. The balance in humanity has lost against a stronger force. The final balance between civilizations has been lifted. Most of the natural disasters upon us are causing more destruction than ever before.
I have to sit here, day by day; watching the sun go down; yet to us, it is going up. The whole world is going up in a single spark; flames will erupt with corruption on earth. The world we once knew has become a hell hole; a dimension, a new planet has begun to grow from beneath us. Yet to us; it feels like it’s growing upon us. From above; the ground shakes, roars breaking down our trees. Separating us from each-other, leaving us with what the dinosaurs ended with.

Written By: xxJessxx (Luke! Not Jess {Cousin} & Diantha
Warning: Content in this story: Bad Language.


14. The Real Decisions In Life?...

“Listen, I don’t know what has happened – I just know that this child... h-she is something incredible to me”, I tried to reason with the figures.

A random voice echoes away from me, I tried to gather the information on what had been said. The only shocking thoughts were, could it be a child that I knew? The questions kept building up like a brick wall, moving into a softer surface as I walked through more darkness in an unknown direction.

*** Flash back, Last Week ***

“Dad, if you wanted to buy some sugar for those tarts. Go ahead!” I thought back to shouting, what a waste of thoughts...

“They are not for the tarts, they are for a deeper person who I found inside me” father replied; his reply seemed hollow, very hollow indeed.

*** Flash Back, Ended ***

“If there is anyone here, then please just tell me where I am”, I called out, hoping for some kind of signal to where I may have got lost.

“Y-yes, I can’t see though...” a voice squelched from behind me, where ever that was.

“O-okay, keep it together’ okay, where are you?” I reminded myself to stop hallucinating, until I heard the poor unknown voice call for further help and assistance.

I stepped back slowly, still unsure whether the direction I’m heading is correct. In a matter of minutes, the voice called out again; this time the voice sounded broken. Instead of just finding where the voice is, it was too difficult to figure out where I am... pure darkness is no saint...

“H-help... I- can’t feel my...” the voice whispered; seems the voice was losing air...

The thoughts of where I was, it was too obvious where I could be. It’s surely the bus; no other people would be around in darkness. Strange, I thought; until the voice went silent for another who knows how long... I limped over to an object that seemed to glow through the darkness.

“If anybody is still on this bus, I wish you dearly to give up your sins”, another voice spoke on the bus’s speakerphone. The dense voice was enough to make me feel intimidated.

The outside of the bus, I could not even tell if there is an outside. Surely I am inside; yet cold winds just confused my brain further. It felt like a maze, only a maze you cannot escape. The speakerphone soon went silent, leaving me next to a glowing object of some sort.

“Anybody there, I need someone to help me with this trapped... I don’t know” I called for assistance again, no sound, no reply; just me alone with something strangely glowing.

The glow seemed to remind me of a headlight on a vehicle, father working on vehicles sure pays off to know these things. The light that was emitting, it had certainly shined over some of the bus seats. Finally, I could see some of the areas inside this wreckage.

The only feature on this bus that resembled what I may be in, the seats were unusual. Yes, they were still locked in place. However, the chairs were facing the... ground? It was too unusual, the darkness covered too much to notice. The light did however point to a civilian; I approached the area with caution. Too much crazy stuff is going on; I need to know what’s going on...

“M-Sir, sir, wake up; I’ve found you” I shook the, that seemed to look like a person’s head. Trying to awake the poor man, the features around his face; facial hair showed more of a male than a female.

The so called man’s body just laid there, he was unconscious. The shocking movements, surely it has something to do with this incident. The rapid shaking darkness made the area feel unstable. It wasn’t long until I found a message in the man’s left pocket. It had to be searched; it may be known as stealing; in a situation like this, I dreaded to move on knowing we’re in danger.

The note read; it had a very pale red ink: “Sorry old friend, your life was necessary for this place”, it was such a short sentence, it made me re-think my next actions. Still unsure whether this note is valid; I had to be sure, searching the man’s pockets. I managed to come across a set of keys with small chains linked to a dusty picture.

The picture shown a lot about this man, the image was a female for sure. Still, a picture of a female does not give me any clues on who she maybe. Wife, sister perhaps; still unsure, I adventured further under the clear sighted seat near the unconscious man. Before the light went dead again, I could hear the sound of objects clashing. It seemed to sound like glass shattering...

Under the damned seats, I could not see much. The lighting may be gone where that poor man lies; I still had the thankful light from a laser of some sort. Probably left on the floor; who knows... it was certainly unusual, I weren’t complaining. The lighting is what I needed; it’s exactly what I need to find a woman. Underneath the seats laid chewed up gum, un-chewed food, along with blood.

“M-mummy, are you there?” Another voice called out, sounded like a distressed little girl. Then again, who am I, to judge such a noble child?

This voice however, it sounded closer than the one before. Maybe I’m catching up to the survivors in this wreckage. It was at that moment when I noticed that this bus is more than wrecked. Not only is the poor child in danger, this bus is releasing fumes of smoke. I looked upon the floor; noticed that fire had begun. So... this bus; it’s all about to blow sky high huh? Damn it!

“M-mummy, flames!” The child too, seemed to notice that the bus is on fire.

Before reaching the final bus seat, I found another human being. This one however, it looked less damaged than that poor man in the back seats. Knowing that time is short; I had to search through her, including her pockets. She weren’t dead; I could hear her breathing heavily. Unknown to who knows how long she has been lying here; breathing in the fumes of smoke.

“Help, plea-se, I need my in-haler...” the poor woman awoke a little more than expected, so the flames weren’t causing her any distress. As far as I knew, she just needed an inhaler.

After breaching such a poor woman, her age; I needed to know her age. Then again, it can wait; her survival maybe vital to more information. The child however, well; I never heard anymore words from who-ever it may have been. Sadly, I made the choice of saving a woman; she was more in pain, that child was out of my reach. It would be truly impossible to reach him or her at the time.

“D-don’t worry, I’m going to help you”, I whispered; reassuring the devastated woman in stress. Leaving her behind while I look for the inhaler, well it didn’t look too positive. I can’t afford to lose another life, her life is now vital to me. I dragged her by her heels; pulling her through beneath the chairs. It was a slow pace; my movement however kept on going.

Beneath the chairs, the gum caused more problems than I feared. Some of the gum was melting from the high temperatures in the areas we needed to reach. This caused the gum to stick from the top to the floor; causing small web like things, it looked pretty intimidating at the time.

“Help, please somebody; my legs... Oh lord, my legs!” Another voice sounded in agony; the voice was close by too. I can’t keep going back for others...

“Wait here okay, I won’t be long; the poor kid needs help” I said to the almost lifeless woman; she however pleaded for me not to leave her. Little did she know, the kid was not too far away?!

“Please, I can’t – afford you...” she whispered; letting go of my hand, so I could save the poor kid.

I crawled through most of the gum web like things; it was sticky, causing problems with my crawling. The flames were finally managing to reach us; the bus however, it’s falling apart... soon, I do not expect us all to make it out alive. The kid was in more of a dangerous situation; his legs were nowhere to be seen. The poor child; his lost is legs... it was strange to imagine how though...

The child looked in my direction, he noticed me. I was shocked to find him in such a mess. Great, this is not what I wanted to find... the matters got worse as the poor kid was in more stress. He explained while trying to point down at his unconscious sister. The sister however, she seems to have fallen down the side of the crunched up bus. This side has melted away leading into a pit of dirt.

“P-p-please just save her; she is braver than I am...” the poor boy tried to keep me away from him. His sister could already be dead. It’s sad to find a child looking down at someone, unsure whether that particular person is dead or alive.

“No, leaving you behind... I’m sorry kid; I don’t think your sister is...” I whispered; the kid soon busted into tears; he knew that she was dead. I guess, he believed she was alive to relief from the pain his feeling.

I placed the now crying boy in between my left arm and my hip. Dragging him across the floor to get back to a soon to lose all life woman. The flames have now reached the other side. I pleaded that the woman is safe; until we reached her. The kid let go of me; waiting for me to deal with the poor woman, it was all about life now.

“Di-d you find...” the woman gasped, looking at me with so much hope and dreams. I had to break the news to her lightly; yet the current situation escalated my tensions to keep her relieved.

“No, no – I did not find the inhaler; I’m so... sorry” I broke the news; the heat around me caused too much stress to stay calm. I broke the news to her so quickly; it made her feel worse.

The flames were not going to gain any of their lives. I made the most dangerous risk in my entire life. I threw myself across the scorched floors; the bus breaking away slowly. I managed to get them out, as for me; my foot was trapped under some of the wreckage that had fallen away.

“Crap! Look, I helped you people; just run, run as far as you can!” I screamed in agony, shouting at the lives I saved in rage that my life is now at stake.

“We can’t!” They both screamed at my face, the tears from the child made me fight for my life...

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