Intrusion: The World Upon Downside!

Why, why; why! Do I have to suffer something so paranormal? So unusual; it’s like earth is fighting back, yet now it is trying to redeem its true title. I feel like the balance between everyone has had a massive drop. The balance in humanity has lost against a stronger force. The final balance between civilizations has been lifted. Most of the natural disasters upon us are causing more destruction than ever before.
I have to sit here, day by day; watching the sun go down; yet to us, it is going up. The whole world is going up in a single spark; flames will erupt with corruption on earth. The world we once knew has become a hell hole; a dimension, a new planet has begun to grow from beneath us. Yet to us; it feels like it’s growing upon us. From above; the ground shakes, roars breaking down our trees. Separating us from each-other, leaving us with what the dinosaurs ended with.

Written By: xxJessxx (Luke! Not Jess {Cousin} & Diantha
Warning: Content in this story: Bad Language.


15. Hospital Rush?

“Well, this bus is about to blow sky high, fine, I’ll do it!” I shouted in temptation of surviving.

The bus’s engine has now been lit; I have strong hopes for neither of us, it’s rather my life or theirs. Most of the smoke caused me to gain lucidity. It was as if my eyes were finally gaining strength. If father was here; he would have said something like; those carrots sure work, hey son? – Yet he isn’t here... I sighed looking down at two depressed faces. The agony of losing them, I still had to think...

With one final burst of energy, I threw myself out of the rubble; landing near the two civilians. I approached them quickly; holding them, the cold winds forced my hands to freeze with them in my grasp. The shame of losing them... it was too much to bear; instead, I dragged myself with them... dragging them all the way to a broken down shed of some sort. Most of the flames had spread around the bus. As for the bus it’s self, the thing blew into pieces...

“Sir, you’re a life saver... my mummy, I don’t think she could ever do what you did today...” the legless boy whispered, as reassuring as it was; I still had no faith in us.

“Y-you may- have lost me... yet you saved me from burning away into ashes... thank-you...” the breathless woman had taken her final breath. She spoke with kindness after-all; thanking me, like I’m some sort of hero in their eyes. Well his eyes now... she had been lost.

The depressing moment had finally struck me... the boy on the other hand; he seemed to know a little about first aid. The poor woman gasped once more, before shrivelling up into a small ball. My selfish mind stopped me, if not; then why is she dead... The inhaler was lost on that damned bus, if only I had more time; less pressure to keep searching, it was a life in-deed after-all...

“You did what you had to Mr, I’m sure I’ll be fine...” the boy whispered, as he started talking about himself. The hospital, where can I find a stupid hospital!

*** 4 Hours Later ***

After a whole four hours searching, I had to wrap the poor boy in something warmer. I used an old scarf with a lot of bed sheets I stumbled across from that old shack. As for the lady; there wasn’t much that could be done, she is probably slowly turning into a frozen ice cube. As depressing as it sounds, even the boy started to realize things that he hadn’t before. Finally, he had realized that the woman is indeed gone forever... even tears rolled down his chin; I guess, we can’t all be happy.

The good news however, we managed to find a hospital. It was a long distance away. Yet the hospital; well I was hoping for the best, I was hoping that this place is still active. There were sounds from the inside. People talking, along with a few common sounds, I felt that hope is regained. The boy held onto me tightly, I still needed to be checked on too. That smoke we breathed in; who knows what it may have done to us. Thank-fully we found a doctor.

“Excuse me; are you here for an appointment?” A nurse asked, next to her was a doctor who looked a little lifeless.

“Yes, W-we need help now; this boy... his lost his legs, his lost a lot of hope too!” I screamed in pain; the nurse grabbed him gently; placing him onto a wheel chair.

“W-we will see what we can do, as for you sir... are you his father?” The doctor asked, quickly walking away with the boy strapped to a wheel chair.

“N-no, well I am more of a guardian!” I shouted, hoping he heard me from the corridors.

The nurse stayed behind at the reception desk, looking at me as if I’m a patient. She then started asking me questions that I did not really want to answer. I rolled my eyes in disgust that I have to go through talking now; I don’t need an appointment or anything...

“S-sir, what is your name?” The nurse asked with a smile; she held a white notepad; with pencil in her right hand.

“M-my n-name is, it’s Karl” I stumbled whilst telling her my name. I sighed deeply for failing to respond with an instant answer.

“Karl, oh; I see, well K-Karl I would like you to go to corridor B, through to my office” the nurse asked, her giggle reminded me a little of mother. As for her instructions; I followed them.

“O-okay, sure, corridor B, your office, yeah I think I’ve got that” I replied with a grin, slowly walking down the corridor to the nearby stairs.

The stairs looked a little broken down, as if too much treading had been done. Some of the rail was a little dusty too; I never really questioned it, just followed the nurse’s instructions with no hesitation. Finally, I had reached corridor B; it was pretty nice, in my opinion blue paint would have looked better. As for the wall-paper; not too much really, it was decent for what it was.

I approached the nurse’s office, the door was already open; so I just walked in, waiting patiently for the nurse to arrive. Since she hadn’t arrived yet, I decided to look around. Over the tables were everyday hospital instruments, along with some cool looking gadgets. Across the walls were pictures, along with notes that looked like hospital business cards. It was a little strange at first.

“E-excuse me, Mr... Erm never mind Karl” The nurse had arrived coughing on my name.

“Y-yes, I’m in here waiting; it wasn’t too hard to find after-all” I replied with a smile she never saw.

“G-good, that boy is now being dealt with; as for you, I need to check you over” the nurse delivered news that I weren’t too sure what to feel, as for my check up? What is she on about...?

The nurse instructed me to lay my head on this pillow that felt a little smooth. She then asked me to place my feet on some kind of foot stool, well it looked like one. Before I could ask why I’m doing this, the nurse started talking about herself, giving me her name. She also attached small wires to my body; I guess she is doing some kind of check-up?

“Relax, I just need to take a few readings, as for my name; well, my name is Holly, as for my last name; well you’re not getting that” the nurse replied; informing me on who she is, mostly...

“O-okay, well you already know my name; so let’s just leave it at that” I replied; I hate getting into conversations with strangers. Even if I do know her first name, so what; doesn’t mean anything.

“Funny enough, we checked in another teenager; just like you, she was very pushy though. Instead of taking a check-up; well the manager. She asked us to place her in an asylum, she was a little, what’s the word... cuckoo” Holly replied; creating a cuckoo motion using her left hand.

“Huh, great gesture, I know I shouldn’t ask this. Yet, who is she?” I asked; it seemed like a stupid thing to ask, then again; there’s a slight chance it’s a relative.

“N-never mind that Karl, she is being dealt with else-where. So just forget about information on her” Holly kept the conversation away from whom-ever the girl was. I still wanted to know however...

The nurse had her readings, placing them on a small desk. Although, I’m still attached to wires, I decided not to move whilst I presumed I’m a patient. After a few more minutes, she lowered the bed like object; I was lying on. Until, she pressed a button to detach the wires. Before I could go anywhere, she wanted to inform me about the boy.

“Well Karl, the readings will be looked at over the following weeks, as for you. I would like you to stay a little healthier; away from the snacks. The boy however, he will need to stay over here for a few nights; since the doctor said it’s going to take a while to keep him alive” Holly replied.

She was right, that boy was in a serious state. He hadn’t just lost his legs that day too; he also lost someone close to him. A sister, family relative... damn, this day must suck for the both of us. Leaving the boy here, well it was my only option. The next destination I was more interested in, it sounds insane. Yet I wanted to visit the Asylum to find out more about this so-called girl they had taken in.

*** 1 Hour Later ***

The walk to a taxi, well it wasn’t a walk in the park. After such a long walk had been walking through more kids and teenagers causing havoc. I lost my left shoe; a group of teenagers mixed with children attacked me earlier. Held me in a corner; forcing me to hand over cash, I was broke as it is. Instead, they bartered with my shoe as a currency. I couldn’t careless with what they had taken. That girl at the Asylum is going to be the girl I’m hoping to find!

“You know what, I’m not even going to ask, so where to?” The taxi driver clearly noticed my missing shoe. Instead of giggling, he ignored it; more bothered on how much I’m going to pay him.

“I know this may sound strange sir, y-yet, what is the closest Asylum in this town?” I replied; trying to hide why I wanted to go there.

“Ha-ha, like I said before... not even going to ask, hmm, let me see here; a-ha, I think your want to visit the Riverton Asylum? It’s just north from here” the taxi driver said, cancelling out what I had said.

Outside the car window were kids everywhere, running free all over the town? Mostly causing havoc and destruction, though; there were a few children and adults roaming the town. They weren’t causing any kind of trouble, well so it seemed. Flames could also be seen on some of the lanes we drove past. The taxi driver stopped for another person, I guess we can have one more passenger.

“Take me to the nearest Mall, or else...” the female teenager who looked to be around sixteen, held a gun to the taxi drivers head. Threatening him to drive away from where she had stood.

“A-alright, alright... just hold the gun down” the taxi driver accepted her offer, since it was an offer no-one could refuse. Literally, it made me sick to be next to a criminal.

“Who is this jerk next to me, another junkie right?” The female teen laughed, mocking me next to her, the taxi driver laughed a little too.

“N-no, my name is Karl; I am no junkie, I just want to get out of town” I replied; her mocking me; well let’s just say it may have sparked a nerve or two.

The female teen didn’t want to hear me talk; her threats seemed to be her strengths. Instead of just asking me to shut up, she whispered in my left ear. The taxi driver was told to roll up the middle window, blocking out anything that happens where me and her sat. This got a little intense for my liking; I hated her guts too...

“Next time, when I make a joke about you... you better not talk; did you hear that?” She whispered in my left ear, placing the gun near my left thigh.

“Y-y-yes, okay” I whispered with a reply that was forced out of my mouth.

With any conversation blocked from the Taxi drivers ears. She decided to use this as an advantage to keep me under her control. Instead of following any more instructions from this girl who uses words for bad use; I nudged her swiftly, knocking the gun out of her hand. Thank-fully the gun had landed down the back of the seat. No more threats now little one, I giggled inside my mind.

“Y-you idiot, that weapon is for my own protection” the female teen screamed at me.

Although the gun is out of her hands, she still used what she had left. Pinching and clawing my legs seemed to be her only strength now. The pinching I could take, as for the clawing; It felt so painful... her eyes were green, yet her purple hood hidden away most of her face. Her hair was too obvious to be seen; it hung out of her hood perfectly. Her hair was brown with glitter down the sides.

*** 1 Hour Later ***

We finally arrived at the destination that I wanted to go too; thankfully the taxi driver listened to me first. As for the female teen’s reaction, well it certainly wasn’t too pleasant. Instantly she pushed me out of the car, smashing the glass from the back seats. I landed on the hard pavement, the driver was sick to see such abuse done to a person. Sadly, I was a little too late to ask him for a refund.

“The Asylum huh, well you’re certainly going to need some kind of therapy freak!” The female teen mocked me once more, laughing outside the window she smashed.

The taxi driver looked a little stressed from the forced driving. Even the pressure of a gun pointed to your head; well it certainly isn’t what people dream of. I tried to get back in the taxi drivers car; since that female teen had sparked too many nerves. Unfortunately, the female teen had locked the doors, I wasn’t too sure who locked them. Her smirking sort of shown it may have been her...


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