Intrusion: The World Upon Downside!

Why, why; why! Do I have to suffer something so paranormal? So unusual; it’s like earth is fighting back, yet now it is trying to redeem its true title. I feel like the balance between everyone has had a massive drop. The balance in humanity has lost against a stronger force. The final balance between civilizations has been lifted. Most of the natural disasters upon us are causing more destruction than ever before.
I have to sit here, day by day; watching the sun go down; yet to us, it is going up. The whole world is going up in a single spark; flames will erupt with corruption on earth. The world we once knew has become a hell hole; a dimension, a new planet has begun to grow from beneath us. Yet to us; it feels like it’s growing upon us. From above; the ground shakes, roars breaking down our trees. Separating us from each-other, leaving us with what the dinosaurs ended with.

Written By: xxJessxx (Luke! Not Jess {Cousin} & Diantha
Warning: Content in this story: Bad Language.


3. Everything Goes To Hell

“Do you think that... we stand a chance, father?” I whispered.

He looked at me with the eyes only a son could love; yeah it sounds a little corny. Yet it’s true; I could see him, full of hope and dreams that are not yet accomplished. They may as well call me strange; I didn’t feel normal being trapped in a room, knowing that any second. Something could go wrong; we could die or worse...

“The only chances we have left-son is the ones we have chosen to be given” he smiled.

The young teenagers and children who had gone crazy or possibly mental; they were destroying our apartment. Father and mother’s treasures were the first things to be found. I heard Joey call his gang back out of the apartment; seems that they have taken everything their minds desired. Knowing if mother were to be with us; she would have told us that they are confused in fear.

“Mother would have told us differently, dad; even if you can’t bear to hear that news” I replied.

He looked at me while holding a form of fabric in between his delicate hands; looking down as if we had hope after-all. I wanted to send out a distress signal; yet most of the crime was growing along with police shortage. Even the officers had lost their minds to this event. They had chosen to live a life differently; their jobs were no longer important to them.

Before me and father could feel safe yet again; we heard the door slam. Expecting everyone to be out of the house; yet we were unsure on what they may have taken from us. His eye movement changed as he watched me. It was creepy at first; yet I still felt safe with a father who has lost someone true to him. Over-all he was still a great loving man who has many feelings.

“She, well she would certainly tell us something new; I could never see this though” father grunted.

I don’t understand why he was in a grump all of a sudden. I guess he just wants to forget the lost ones in his life; it’s not that easy though, if only he could understand that. Before leaving him alone in a room; I told him that I love him; his my favourite father, my only father. Yet he replied with an intoned manner.

“Either way, I just want safety for the remainder of our family” father whispered while looking at the fabric in sorrow.

It was as if he had lost his son; yet I am still with him... his emotion in his right dreary eye. I could feel the pain he was going through; at first glance it wasn’t much, yet the second stare; I saw a small boy hiding in the dark with tears down his eyes; begging for safety and reassurance. It was as if we had both been thinking the same things. I too had thoughts of being in the dark; yet father’s was a little less clear. I couldn’t understand why he wants to give up now... understanding that he had lost his wife. It made sense for him to be upset; yet sometimes we need to put these things behind us.

Outside of father’s room; I had to make sure that we hadn’t lost too much. Instead of checking the obvious rooms; I decided to take a look at the kitchen; since well, it’s unusual to steal from a kitchen, right? I asked myself in frustration; still wondering if the television has been left behind. Knowing that these were teenagers and children; I can only imagine they took the entertainment.

“Son... is everything okay out there? They didn’t steal your mum’s diary did they?” father whispered.

I had to reassure him; who knows what else would go through his mind. I know it was a bad decision to make the moment I went with it; yet it was for a good cause, to keep my father safe.

“No... Everything l-looks okay out here at the moment; I’ll tell you if I find anything worth mentioning” I replied trying not to smile.

Father never replied back; then again it is about this sort of time; when father has a nap. The kitchen was trashed; to my surprise I never expected too much damage to this room. I slowly kneeled down on the damp floor; looking down at a disgusting carpet. It certainly seemed that they also ripped some of the carpet; not sure why. I guess they must have been curious to find cash or something.

The next place to check was, well it would have to be the drawers. Some of the cutlery could have been stolen. Since knives would be great weapons. The only weapons I was surprised to find in our home; were a baseball bat smeared with nails. Seems like this weapon was crafted; after viewing such horrifying weapons to be used by children and young adults, I could not bear the fact of living here anymore.

“Dad, I don’t think we should stay here anymore; it’s best we move on” I shouted; trying to keep the tone down.

No reply once again; obviously he maybe in a nap; yet from what I have seen out here; I dread to imagine what happened in the living room. Father started to worry me a little; I had to know if he was okay. We promised each other to stay loyal even when we’re in tough situations. We need to show respect and care for each other to lift each other from falling into hell grounds. Well it’s sort of what he said to me. Mum had a different way of saying it; more gentle and subtle.

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