Forever And Always

Copleland was bruised,beaten and most importantly broken. she had enough of her daily beatings from her dad, while her mom just stood there and wacthed it go on. what will happen when she runs away from home ? read Forever And Always to find out (:


1. about me

Hi, im guessing you wanna know a little about me... well theres not to say. I have straight long blond hair, bright blue eyes, im 5'7, and im 18 almost 19. My favorite singers are Tony Oller, Little Mix, Sleeping With Sirens, etc. My father is a huge acholic and my mother is always out for buissness trips or home spending time with my little brother. When my moms away on trips my dad comes home drunk and beats me for no reason. I am on my schools track group. I dont have a job because my dad does not let me leave the house. I love my little brother to the moon and back, hes my bestfriend, and my closest family member. His name is jake, hes 9 years old, and look just like me.. blond hair,blue eyes. Well yeah thats really all for now. A/N p.s this is a short chapter.. the others will get better i promise.. i will be updating anytime i have a chance. remeber smile and live life to the fullest <3 Favorite and Likeeeeee
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