The Eternal Wanderer

Just... trying something...
*Shall change category once it becomes clear which direction this is taking*


3. 3

I must have lain here for hours. The sun has set, all that's left is a dull, orange glow emanating somewhere in the distance. Dark shapes loom above me. Semi-darkness moves. Twilight gathers me in her arms. Spiked trees, evergreens, I think, fringe my vision. It takes me a few moments to actually start believing my eyes.

I sit up, my head clears fully. It's as if the water has just drained, out of my ears, my head, my brain. Out of my mind, my thoughts, my life. I'm safe. On dry land, wonderful, summery, dry land. And what beautiful land it is, as well. Pale green hills roll in the distance, carpeting the horizon in a variety of shades. Dark trees form a sort of chute around me. A strip of land, devoid of life. In the forest, a rabbit scurries back into its burrow. Something in the distance must have scared it. I stand, letting my uneasiness slide from my skin, which is still slippery from my unexpected bath.

It's colder now, and getting to the stage where it was freezing. I rub my arms, trying to get feeling back into them, before stumbling sideways. Maybe it would be best if I took cover in the forest. That way, I won't completely freeze. I'll have things to lean on, too.

With a stagger in my step, I moved towards the dark line of trees, oblivious to my observers.

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