The Eternal Wanderer

Just... trying something...
*Shall change category once it becomes clear which direction this is taking*


2. 2

I cough, splutter, anything to get this damned water out of my airway. The cold sends needles down my arms, the ground offers littl comfort. Above I see a hazy figure. My saviour. I try to speak, but they hush my, putting their finger over my lips. I want to thank them, to say how much I appreciate them dragging me from the depths. For pulling me from the water. Dry land has never felt so good. So wonderfully dry. So wonderfully warm.

My lungs are finally clear. Every breath stings. Coldness digs its claws into my throat, tearing the warmth away from me. I'm shivering violently, it comes in great waves. Crashing over my head, disappearing for a few moments before coming again. Washing over me. Again. Again. And again.

The figure looks up from me as my vision sharpens ever so slightly. I can see slightly more, but not enough to distinguish any key features. I wish this person would stay here, would help me, get me to my feet. Take me from this place. But no. Instead. They turn on their heels, scurrying away like spooked deer.

I turn my head slightly to the side, trying to figure out what had scared them. I see nothing but the lain forests, with a sliver of the cold lake to the west.

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