Me and My Best Friend, Adalaide are in Year 9, We go to school In Australia and we've known eachother basically our whole lives!! Adalaide A.K.A Ada has Light Brown Wavy Hair and is very Gorgeous!! I have a Twin brother Called is Ashton,He's quite wierd at times but i gotta love Him <3 He's quite Popular which also makes me pretty Popular!! So Yeah!!


17. Trouble Maker.

Ash surprisingly woke me up this morning!! ''Ash! You're up before me! And HOW?!'' ''Aha Calum texted me and woke me up then I woke you up!'' ''Alright....'' I got up, got dressed and put my hair up in a messy bun and put a Bow in. ''Whats for breakfast Ash? Whatever it is, it smells Lush!!'' ''Bacon Sandwiches!!'' He said. ''Ash! You're the best!!'' I said taking my last step of the stairs and hugged Ash so tightly!! ''Love You!!'' I said to Ash. 'Ding Dong!' The door went. I opened it to Luke. ''Hey baby!!'' ''Hey gorgeous! I missed you!!'' ''Awh! I missed you more!!'' He cupped his hands and kissed me. ''Ash! Lets go!'' I shouted. ''K! Coming Syd!!'' He shut the door behind him and we walked to the Bus Stop, Me and Luke Hand-in-Hand.

*Squeak!!* The Bus pulled Up and Obviously (Like I ALWAYS do!) I sat at the Back next to Ada and Luke. ''Hey Ada!'' I said. But Ada didn't reply. ''Ada?!'' She kept her eyes glued to her Phone. I just turned to Luke and he put his Arm around me. It was really awkward. ''Hey Guys!!'' Calum said walking onto the bus. ''Hey Cal, Hey Mike.'' Luke Said. ''Hey! What's up with Ada?'' They mouthed to us. ''We don't know'' ''Hey Ada, What's up?'' I texted her. ''Well, I sort of miss Michael but I love Zayn at the same time....'' she replied. ''Well who do you want more?'' ''Zayn! But when I see Michael I just remember when us two went out, And also our friendships gone!!'' ''Well, it doesn't have to be that way! Just talk to Michael, Try get your friendship back and just stick as friends and be with Zayn!!'' I said. ''Yeah you're right, I mean its no big deal xxx'' She replied. ''Happy? xxx'' ''Yup! Thanks Syd xxx'' ''Hey guys! Sorry I wasn't talking, Im just a bit down today but im alright now, It doesn't matter.'' Ada said to us all. I smiled at her and she smiled back. ''That's Great!'' Calum said. We got to  school and we went up to Tutor.

Ada went and Sat next to Michael. ''Hey Michael can I talk to you?'' Ada asked. ''Umm...Yeah...Alright...'' He replied. ''Well, I don't exactly want us to loose Friendship, I know we already have but it doesn't have to be this way! Just cos we broke up doesn't mean we cant be friends! Look Michael, I still like you and I hope you still like me too!'' ''Well Yeah, I do still like you but I still want to be your Boyfriend, Not just a friend, and its hard to keep it that way cos I want you badly!'' ''Well Michael im with Zayn now so I cant...Im sorry'' she walked off. 'RINGG!!' ''Me and Luke were holding hands like usual and we walked to first lesson which was History.

We walked to History and sat down. It was so boring! So I don't actually want to bore you with a whole paragraph about the most boring lesson ever! So i'll skip this part.....

It was Lunch and we all sat on the field, ''Great! Grace is coming...'' I Said to Ada. ''Yay!'' she said sarcastically. Grace is this horrible 'popular' who noses into everyone's business, Steals everyone's boyfriend and just wants to cause trouble.... ''Hey Adelaide, I heard you dumped Michael for Zayn! How mean?! You're just horrible, Anyway Zayn's so ugly! Oh a bit like you....'' Grace said to Ada. ''Hey don't talk to Adelaide like that! You have no right to! Anyway says the one who steals everyone's boyfriends just cos she cant get her own!!'' I said backing up Ada. ''Syd what are you doing?!'' Ada said to me. ''Ada I've got this.'' I said. ''Yeah really? How long have you and Luke been together?'' ''About a year and a bit, why?'' ''Oh...'' ''Yeah atleast I can stick to one boy and I don't go from one to the other! I bet the longest relationship you've had is a day! As it seems like everyday you're kissing someone different!'' I said confidently. ''Ugh whatever...'' She started to walk off. ''Yeah! And keep your nose out of everyone's business!!'' I shouted at her. Wow! That felt good! ''Fair Play Syd! Oh and Thank you.'' Ada thanked me. ''Its alright Ada anytime! I hate her so much! She's horrible too!! I make good come backs eh?!'' I said. ''Yup!'' ''Awh babe! You totally shut her up! Love you!'' Luke said kissing me after wards. 'B'RING!!' We went up to Tutor for registration then went to our Last lesson, Science.

''Afternoon Class! Sit down!'' The teacher went on...We went to the Pond all lesson it was pretty fun! Luke splashed water at me so I did the same back. ''Guys! No messing about!'' The teacher said calmly. (We have a nice Teacher!) ''Hey you coming round mine after school?'' Luke reminded me. ''Oh Luke! You just reminded me! I need to get my stuff from mine! Can you come with me?'' ''Yeah sure babe!'' 'RING!' The bell went and we walked outside to our bus.

''Hey Sydney I heard at Lunch you had a massive Go and Grace, Is that true?'' One of the 'popular' boys George asked. ''I was just backing up Ada that's all, She was pretty mean to her.'' I said. ''Oh fair play! No one ever tries to mouth off her, I mean they're all scared of her!'' ''Yeah well I'm not! Anyway gotta go bye George!'' ''Bye Syd.'' He winked at me. We walked onto out bus and sat at the back, We got off at my Bus Stop as Me and Luke were going to mine to get my stuff quickly. ''Hey Syd! I thought you were going to Lukes?'' My mum asked as I walked through the door (Yeah, My parents are home now). ''Yeah Im just getting my stuff I wont be long!!'' I said. ''Ok!'' We went upstairs and got my stuff then we headed to Luke's. We walked and its only about a 10 minute walk... ''Hey Luke, Hey Syd!'' Luke's mum said as we walked in. ''Hey Liz!!'' I said. ''Hi Mum!'' We went upstairs and we got dressed to go to The Park, We called Michael, Ash, Cal and Ada to come along too.


We all met up at The Park and guess who was there, Grace! ''Oh you guys are here!! Hey!'' Grace walked over to us. ''Grace, Just leave us alone! You know we don't like you and we know You don't like us!! What's the point?'' I said to her. ''Bye!'' She walked off. ''Yeah that's what I thought!'' I said to her just before she completely left. We played some football and Michael and Ada were actually getting along! ''Hey can Zayn come over?'' Ada asked. ''Yeah sure!" She rang him up and He came and played with us too. And again  My Team won!! Zayn was talking to Michael (Nicely) Which was a bit strange but we just left them to it. Luke had his arm round me and we all sat under a Tree and just chatted. Oh I forget to tell you Zayn brang Louis with him!! ''Hey Louis!'' I started a conversation with him. ''Hey Sydney!! You alright?'' He said. ''Yeah fine!'' ''That's good!'' He didn't even know Me and Luke were together until he saw us Kissing. He was just starring at us then he looked to the floor, We went finished he spoke. ''Hey Umm Sydney can I talk to you?'' Louis Asked. ''Yeah ok!'' We walked off and sat on the Swings. ''Well I didn't actually know You and Luke were together until now! And when I saw you I felt like I was sinking into the Floor, My Heart stopped and I had tears in my eyes. Its just that, Since the day I met you I thought you were pretty, And I fell in love you.'' He said. ''Louis! I didn't know you felt this way! I'm sorry!!'' I said. ''No its fine! I just wanted you to know that I love you.'' ''Well Louis, I'm sorry! Don't let this ruin our friendship alright?'' ''No, It wont don't worry!'' We went back to everyone and we sat there for a bit until we all left, Zayn, Louis and Ada all went back to Zayns, Michael, Ash and Calum went to Calum's and Me and Luke went to Luke's.

''Syd! I want you to meet someone...'' Luke said as we walked in. ''Who is it?'' I said nervously. At that moment a dog came running in. ''This is Toby!'' He said. ''Awh!! He's adorable!! And so Tiny!'' I said as he Jumped onto my Lap and started cuddling me. ''He's Ours!!'' As we cant exactly get a Penguin! I got a Puppy! We can both look after him and we can always take him to yours too!'' He said. ''Like him?'' ''Yeah!! Awh! Thank You Lukey!!'' Luke Picked me up span around. ''He's adorable isn't he?'' Liz said. ''Yeah!! Love him!!'' I replied. We went up to Luke's room and Toby followed, I picked Toby up and put him on my lap. We took him for a walk and we got Chinese on the way back. We put Toby in his bed and we ate our Chinese. We watched Friends for a bit then we went up to his room and went on the laptop and watched YouTube.  ''I got a surprise for you.'' Luke said. ''What is it baby?'' Luke Took his Guitar out and got a Notepad out and started singing. ''Wow! That's amazing!! Awh Lukey!!!'' I said hugging him. ''You know you're really good! And Ash is too! He also writes Music! He wants to start his own band!'' I said. ''Really? That's cool! I speak to him!'' I got into the Shower and he nearly came in on me!! He opened the door and luckily the shower door was steamed up. ''Luke!!'' I shouted. ''Sorry babe!'' ''Its ok!!'' God...That was close! I got out and put the towel around me and went into his room. ''Luke! That was close!!'' I said. ''Sorry! I didn't realise you were in there!!'' He said. ''Its alright babe! You didn't see anything did you?'' ''No! Of course not!! I didn't even look at you!'' I got changed whilst he went to the toilet. We brushed our teeth and got into bed. I snuggled into his arms and I just fell asleep in his arms. I woke up in the same place as I fell asleep. ''Morning Lukey!'' I said kissing him on the cheek. ''Morning Gorgeous!!'' We got up and had breakfast...

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