Me and My Best Friend, Adalaide are in Year 9, We go to school In Australia and we've known eachother basically our whole lives!! Adalaide A.K.A Ada has Light Brown Wavy Hair and is very Gorgeous!! I have a Twin brother Called is Ashton,He's quite wierd at times but i gotta love Him <3 He's quite Popular which also makes me pretty Popular!! So Yeah!!


1. School

*RINGGG!!!* My Alarm went off at 6:30AM ''WAKE UP ASH!! It's the start of a new Term already!! C'mon get up!!''  ''I dont wanna'' My Annoying but lovely Brother Mumbles...''I know i dont wanna go to school either but we have to! C'mon  We gotta catch the Bus at 7.10!'' I say putting my hair up in a loose Bun. ''Yeah,Fine,Whatever'' he says half asleep,I just laugh...

''Ready for a boring day at stupid High School?'' I say walking down the Stairs. ''Lets Go!'' Ash says while shutting the door behind him. 

 ''Theres our Bus!'' ''Bus Passes Please!!'' The bus driver says. *Me and Ash show our bus passes to the driver and i go and sit next to Ada right at the back of the bus and Ash sits  infront of us* ''Hey Syd!'' Adalaide says ''Heyaa Gurl!!' ''Ready for a boring day at school?'' ''Yeah omg i actually cant be bothered to do anything today!!'' Ada Says. ''Woah! The bus went to a really sharp break!'' Ash says turning his head to us. ''Who are they?'' He asks us ''I have No Idea'' Me, Ada both say at the same time. ''Hey Umm,Can we sit with you guys?'' The 3 strange guys ask us ''Uhh yeah...Sure.'' Ash replys kindly ''Hi Im Sydney and this is Adalaide my best friend,and this is Ashton my Twin Brother. And you Are?'' ''Uhh Hi Im Calum,And this is my 2 friends Luke and Michael'' One of the guys say. ''Michael's cute!'' Ada whispers to me. ''Naah Luke is cuter!'' I reply back to her. ''Maybe it isnt going to be a boring day with these hottys!'' They give us a strange look,Me and Ada look at eachother and  just smile awkwardly * ''Uhh Anyway,Exuse my sister and her wierd friends.'' Ash says to the 3 Boys. They just Smile.


*The bus Stops* ''Okay! Were at School now!'' I say ''Hey guys what tutor are you in? Do you know?'' I ask getting off the bus  ''Uhh yeah Me,Calum and Michael are all in the same tutor'' Luke Says ''OMG! HIS VOICE IS SOO HOT!'' I whisper to Adalaide ''Haha! You Crazy...'' She replies back. ''Hey Luke were in 9PRML'' Calum says to Luke ''Oh Thats with Mr.Lewis thats Mine,Adaliade's and Sydney's tutor,Ash says. ''Ok we'll show you the way'' Ada says to the boys giving Michael a big cheesy smile.

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