Me and My Best Friend, Adalaide are in Year 9, We go to school In Australia and we've known eachother basically our whole lives!! Adalaide A.K.A Ada has Light Brown Wavy Hair and is very Gorgeous!! I have a Twin brother Called is Ashton,He's quite wierd at times but i gotta love Him <3 He's quite Popular which also makes me pretty Popular!! So Yeah!!


16. Loooong Night.

Me and Ash left Luke's house at about 9. Ash went straight to bed. ''Goodnight Syd, Love You!'' Ash said to me kissing my cheek. ''Love you too, Good Night!'' Ash walked into his room and  he shut his door behind him. I walked into my room and cannon balled onto my bed taking out my phone to text Luke. ''Hey babe! Thanks for tonight!! xxx'' I texted him. ''Its alright my Beautiful Penguin xxx'' ''N'awh! Babe!! I love you so much xxxxx'' ''I love you too xxxxxx'' ''I love you MORE!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'' ''That's impossible! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'' ''Really? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'' ''Yes! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'' ''Ok ... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'' '' Yup! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'' ''Babe?'' I said. ''Yeah?'' ''You win;)'' ''Told you! xxx'' ''Meh.'' We continued texting each other.,, ''Babe, My bed's so cold without you here!'' Luke said. ''I miss you:('' I replied. ''Same!:'('' ''I'll see you tomorrow!:) xx'' ''Yay! xxxxxx'' ''Aha! xxxxxx'' ''Anyway its nearly half midnight I'm gonna go! Goodnight My Beautiful Penguin! xxxxx'' ''Goodnight babes! Love you! I'll miss you:( xxxxx'' ''Miss you more! Love you More! xxxxxx'' ''Don't start that again....'' I said. ''Aha! Ok babes! Goodnight xx'' ''Goodnight xxxx''

I took my make-up off and brushed my teeth and layed down in bed Scrolling down my News Feed on Instagram. I was so bored!! Then I went onto Facebook. There was no one I wanted to talk to online so I had no choice but to go to sleep! So I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep but it just wasn't working!! So I went back to Facebook, Hey! My mum was online! ''Hey Mum! What time is it over there?'' She was in the UK With my Dad. ''Hello Darling! Its about half 9 in the morning here! Anyway I cant talk now! But I hope You and Ash are ok?!'' ''Yeah! Were fine xx Speak later! Love you Mum!'' ''Love you Sydney! xxx'' Well that wasn't long?!

I went downstairs and sat on the sofa watching Friends, I love that show!! I went back up to my room at about 2. I got under the covers and closed my eyes and FINALLY Fell asleep.

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