Me and My Best Friend, Adalaide are in Year 9, We go to school In Australia and we've known eachother basically our whole lives!! Adalaide A.K.A Ada has Light Brown Wavy Hair and is very Gorgeous!! I have a Twin brother Called is Ashton,He's quite wierd at times but i gotta love Him <3 He's quite Popular which also makes me pretty Popular!! So Yeah!!


3. Lab Partners

''Come in and take a seat anywhere you like!'' Our Science teacher Mrs.O'Donnell shouted out. ''Hey Syd can i sit with you?'' Luke asked me ''Yeah sure! Sorry Ada you can sit with Michael!'' I said to both Luke and Adalaide. ''Uhh Michael wanna be my Lab Partner?'' ''Umm Okay,Cal sit behind us yeah?'' Michael asked Calum. ''Yeah ok but dont let me sit next to Millie again like i did in Art! She's a nightmare...'' Calum said. ''Aha Ok!'' ''Everybody got Partners?'' Mrs.O'Donnell asked everybody. ''Yes!!'' The class answered. Calum was sat next to a girl that he fancied,Emily,And she is one of the most popular girls in school...


 ''Ok we are going to do a practical today so get all the equiptment you need,There is a list on the board'' Mrs.O'Donnell gave us all the instructions we needed and we got on with it. ''Hey Syd,I Know i have'nt known you for long,Actually it hasnt even been a day,but you seem really nice and i wanted to know if you wanna hang out after school?'' Luke Asked me 'OMG OMG OMG! LUKE Wants to hand out with ME After school?! AAAAH!' I thought to myself ''Uhh thanks Luke and that sounds so fun!!'' I spat out. ''Ok!'' Luke said. ''Hey guys!'' Calum whispered to Me and Luke. ''Im working with Emily! OMG!!!'' ''Uhh Cal keep it down she's right next to you and you know she has a boyfriend yeah?'' I whispered back to him. ''Uh Oh! I need to learn how to whisper!'' ''Yes,Yes you do Cal!!' Luke joined in. ''Ok,So we need to add Salt to this Green Stuff'' Ada said confused. ''Haha! Ada that Green Stuff is Acid!'' Michael explained ''Ooohh Right!! Ok'' ''Got it?'' ''Yeah i do now that you explained it to me'' Ada said whilst flirting with Michael ''ADA!'' I shouted  ''Huh? Yeah? What?'' She answered to me still looking at Michael and playing with the ends of her hair. ''OMG...And i thought i was bad?'' ''What?'' Luke Asked Me. ''What are you bad at?'' ''HAHAHAA!! Ada laughed. ''Uhh nothing...' I answered. ''Ok! Pack up now students!'' Mrs.O'Donnell said ''We have 5 minutes until the bell rings for Break!'' We all Packed up,Sat Down and put our bags over our shoulders. 'RINGG!!' ''Ok you may go now students! Have a nice break!!' ''Bye Miss!'' Calum said to the Teacher.


''OMG GUYS DID YOU SEE HOW I ACTED AROUND EMILY?? I TRIED TO ACT COOL BUT,I JUST COULD'NT!! I need to sit with her more often,I loved it!'' Calum said excitedly ''Uhh Cal she has a boyfriend!!' I told him for the 3rd time! ''Who is this guy?!'' Cal asked ''His name is Mark...The one in our tutor!'' ''Oh him! I thought he was a nice boy!!'' ''Actually Calum he is,You just dont like him now you found out about Him and Emily! Haha, Anyway want to go into the Hall and just chat?'' I said. ''Yeah Ok!'' Ada said. ''Wait? Wheres Ashton!!!???'' Michael Asked. ''Uhh I dont know....I didnt see him in Science,The Last time i seen him was in Art...''

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