Me and My Best Friend, Adalaide are in Year 9, We go to school In Australia and we've known eachother basically our whole lives!! Adalaide A.K.A Ada has Light Brown Wavy Hair and is very Gorgeous!! I have a Twin brother Called is Ashton,He's quite wierd at times but i gotta love Him <3 He's quite Popular which also makes me pretty Popular!! So Yeah!!


2. Friends

Ok,So this is your new tutor 7PRML!! ''Sit down everyone!!'' Our Tutor Mr.Lewis shouts. ''Ok sit anywhere boys and i'll introduce you'' He says a little bit quieter. ''Hey Sydney,Can i sit by you?'' Luke asks me ''Yeah O--Of course you can'' I said really nervous, I had butterflies in my stomach. Adalaide gave me the ''Ooooh!'' Look. ''Ok everyone quite now! We have 3 new Boys in our Tutor,Stand up boys.'' Calum,Luke and Michael stood up and Mr.Lewis introduced them.


''RINGG!!!!'' Well thats the bell! ''Hey boys! Heres your timetables,And i see your friends with Sydney Ashton and Adalaide! Thats good because they are all in your set! Sydney you can show them the way!'' Mr.Lewis said. ''Okay so we have Art with Mrs.Harper'' I say. ''Lets go!''


''Come in class!'' Mrs.Harper shouts. ''Calum! Luke! Michael! Where are you boys?!'' ''Here Miss!'' Michael replied politely'' ''OMG MICHAEL TALKED! HE TALKED SYD!!!'' She whispered to me. ''Omg Ada!'' ''Ok boys,Well your lucky because i've just changed their seating plan. Ok! Calum you go sit next to Millie,She will be your Art partner. Michael,You are going to sit next to Adalaide and she will be your Art Partner, And Luke ''Please be me please be me please be me! I say to myself crossing my fingers'' Luke,You go sit next to Sydney! ''YESS!!'' I shout. Oops!  Everybody starres at me like im some sort of Alien! So does Luke! I stared at him back... ''Haha Oh Sydney!'' He says laughing cutely. ''I just umm Well see,I said that because well atleast you know me,Like well sorta,But you dont want to sit next to a complete stranger right?'' I say trying my best to even get any words out!! ''Ok students you're going to be doing some painting so this is a very easy lesson for you guys as its the start of a new term! One OF You Grab Some paints and a paintbrush for you and your partner and the one of you get you and your partner some Aprons.'' ''I'll get the paints you can get the Aprons'' I said to Luke Confidently ''Wow Syd! You didnt freak out that time!'' ''Omg! Yeah i know but do you know how hot he is?!'' ''No Michaels way better!! Atleast i didnt freak out'' Ada replyed. ''Ok here you go Syd'' Luke said putting the Apron round my head and Tieing it in a bow at the end. ''Oooh!! Flirting with my best friend there Luke'' ''Shut up Ada'' Hehe Ada laughs cheekily ''Ada I got our Aprons here you go!'' Michael says Gently Throwing it to her. ''Thanks Mike!!'' ''Its Alright'' He says winking.


''RINGG!!!'' ''Ok Class! You may go!'' ''Well That was fun!'' Calum said ''You didnt even notice me! While you guys all knew eachother and you where all having fun,I was there with some girl names Millie! She hardly speaks!! Actually she didnt speak! I tried making a conversation with her and she's just looking at me!!'' ''HAHAHAA!! Oh Cal! Were so sorry!'' Michael said jokely pushing him'' ''Oh well Thanks that helps!'' ''Haha anyway what do we have next Syd?'' Luke asks ''Uhh let me think...Oh! Science!!'' ''Ok is our teacher nice? At our old school she was horrible!!'' ''haha! We have Mrs.O'Donnell she's really nice!'' ''Oh Okay good!!''

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