Me and My Best Friend, Adalaide are in Year 9, We go to school In Australia and we've known eachother basically our whole lives!! Adalaide A.K.A Ada has Light Brown Wavy Hair and is very Gorgeous!! I have a Twin brother Called is Ashton,He's quite wierd at times but i gotta love Him <3 He's quite Popular which also makes me pretty Popular!! So Yeah!!


11. Awkward!!

After school I went to Luke's. ''Oh Hello Sydney!'' Luke's mum said as we walked in. She's used to seeing me after school now as She knows I'm with Luke. ''Hey Liz!'' I said. Luke's mum's name Is Liz.  ''Going up to my room?'' He asked. ''Yeah ok!'' ''Hey!! Jack!! Get out of my room!!'' Luke shouted to his brother Jack. ''Sorry about that babe!'' He apologised. ''Don't worry! Ash is always going in and out of my room!! So annoying!!'' ''Yep!! Siblings...'' ''Hey! I heard that!!'' Jack shouted from his room. ''Thanks for listening to our conversation J!!'' Awwh! I love how he calls his Brother 'J ' how cute?!We laid down on his bed on our sides facing eachother. We just kissed. Then I turned ontop of him. '''Luke!'' Jack walked in! ''Umm....'' I got off of him and stood up awkwardly. ''Uhh Jack why are you here?!'' ''Well...I was going to say dinners ready but I see you're already eating your girlfriend!!'' His brother joked. ''Get out!!'' Luke shouted. We walked down the stairs silently, It was really awkward!! We sat down at the table and ate our dinner. We had a roast dinner and a chocolate fudge cake for pudding. Liz is such a good cook!! It was lush!!

We went back upstairs and went on the Laptop, And just watched loads of Video's on YouTube. I'm sleeping round his so we got into our Pyjama's. We got into his bed and snuggled up and watched 'The Lucky One'. Ada would be so jealous! She loves Zac Efron!! It was 10 O'clock when the film finished. We turned it off and just whispered to each other. I leant into him and he wrapped his arms around me. I looked up at him and we kissed Again before we fell asleep, It was Saturday the next day so he said he'd take me Shopping at The Mall, And we'll have Nando's for lunch!! I love him so much!! He is the best boyfriend ever<3



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