Me and My Best Friend, Adalaide are in Year 9, We go to school In Australia and we've known eachother basically our whole lives!! Adalaide A.K.A Ada has Light Brown Wavy Hair and is very Gorgeous!! I have a Twin brother Called is Ashton,He's quite wierd at times but i gotta love Him <3 He's quite Popular which also makes me pretty Popular!! So Yeah!!


4. Arcades

 Luke ran up to me and cuddled me from the back. ''Woah Luke? Whats up?'' I said. ''Its the end of school! Where do you wanna go?'' OMG! I Totally forgot i was gunna hang round with Luke for a bit! ''Umm...Up to you.'' I said.  ''Arcades?'' He suggested. ''Yeah! Ok!'' We walked to the Arcades which were roughly about 5 minutes away.


''What shall we go on first?......Hmm...The Free Fall?'' I say. ''Ok!'' We stood in the line and waited. After the Free Fall we went in the Crazy House. Luke pushed me into this random guy, Oops! Then we got lost,It was Halarious!! We had to ask someone where the Exit was! Hahaa!! When we FINALLY Found the Exit,We went to the Dodgems. We were In the same Car and Luke was driving. The Second time we went in different Cars,I got Luke so many times!! Then he got me....We went on loads more rides after that. Then Luke had a go on the Claw thing,You know the ones where you can win Bears and stuff? He actually got a bear!! He gave it to me :) ''Awwh! Thanks Lukey!! Those things are so hard to win!'' He just smiled. ''Shall we go on the Ghost Train? That'll be the last thing as its 6:00! We've been here for 2 hours! haha!'' ''Ok!'' We went on the Ghost Train and it was SO Scary!! So Luke put his arm round me to make me feel safe. It actually helped! ''OMG! Luke that was so scary!!'' I said. ''I hope you felt safe in my arms..'' He said. I think Luke is Flirting with me.... ''Shall we go? We can get an Ice Cream on the way back if you want?'' Luke Asked. ''Ok!'' ''What Ice Cream do you want?'' He asked me ''Uhh I'll have Bubblegum please...I'll Pay!'' I said. ''No! I'll pay!!'' we had a mini arguement over who will pay,So we ended up going halfs.


''Do you wanna come round mine?'' He Asked. ''My mum will drop you off when you wanna go home. ''Ok! If thats alright with you.'' I Said. ''Yeah! thats absolutely fine with me!'' He replied. We went to his and went up to his room for a bit. We sat on his bed and just had a little chat. Then we put some Music on. ''Luke!!'' His Mum shouted. ''Im going for a drive do you and your girlfriend want any McDonalds?'' I laughed my head off! ''MUM!!!! SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!!'' ''Oh sorry love!'' She said walking up the stairs. ''So do you want any McDonalds?'' She repeated. ''Uhh yeah Ok! Syd what do you want?'' He asked. ''Umm,I'll have Large Fries,McBites and A diet coke please.'' I asked. ''Ok and what do you want Luke?'' Luke's mum asked. ''I'll have a McChicken Sandwhich meal with A Diet Coke please mum'' He said. ''Ok I'll go now'' When she came back,We ate our McDonalds and watched TV for a bit. Then his mum took me home. ''Luke get out and take her to the door will you?'' His Mum asked. He got out and took me to the door,Ashton Opened the door, ''Thanks for a good night Syd!'' He said ''No Thank You!!'' I said. We cuddled,It was really long!! ''Uhh hello? Guys?!'' Ashton said. ''Oh right yeah! Umm See you tomorrow! Bye'' Luke said smiling (A REALLY HOT SMILE!!!) I Watched him go to the car then he drove off,I miss him already! ''So syd,with Luke were you?'' Ash asked smiling. ''Yep!'' i ran up to my room and started texting him...

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