Fluer Abrahams lives in the small village of Maystone in Eurasia- part of the one big super continent Pangaea.


1. 1

Planes of fresh, green grass, sparkling in the midday sun spread out for miles. Birds flying in the bright blue sky- full of candyfloss clouds, one in the shape of a couple holding hands and another looked like a bunny rabbit. The sun was burning away, casting shadows onto the emerald green grass as a figure made their way over the rolling hills towards the orchard.


Fleur Abraham hurried over the slopes, wicker basket in hand.  As she looked up at the sky she let her thoughts wander and before she knew it she had arrived at the orchard gate. The swirled M and O (standing for Maystone Orchard) engraved onto the metal gate winking at her in the sun. Fleur reached up and pushed open the gates, then quickly drew back her hands- the iron was burning hot- they swung open with a load groan.

Inside the orchard looked a lot different from out in the fields. There were trees everywhere, their branches reaching out, competing for the sun. Each branch had a shiny (apple)

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