the lost page of anne franks diary

blurb: The lost page from the diary of anne frank.


1. anne's last page

10th march 1945

Dear kitty,

This is going to be my last entry. It might be or not but I am not sure. At the moment I am at the horrible concentration camp. So I might die tomorrow or not at all. Though I will die most likely because of  As I am jewish people think I am “different”.  Though I feel like everyone is different in some way. Everyone has something different about them. Though me and my sister don’t fit into the image of hitter’s “perfect” German. Anyone Jewish he thinks is not in his perfect but different. It was hard living like this so we moved to Holand when I was little. Though then he came to Holand. We were made to wear stars on our cloths. I felt more different. Like nobody knew how I felt.

The last few days  of hiding were hard. I wasn’t aloud to write. I don’t know how it was discovered. I think a friend of my dad must have said something. It was hard and we lived in fear.  The day we were discovered meant I still had to live in fear. Going to a camp where I will die. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t “different”. You know someone who didn’t have to live in fear. Didn’t have to hide away. Be like what other people thought of a normal person.

The other day Margret died. I don’t even know how. I don’t even know if my mum and dad are alive. Think about not even knowing if your parents are alive or even healthy. You know Margret was the last part of my family who was actually near me.

As I don’t want someone to find this my dearest kitty, I am hiding this under ground. One day, if I am still alive, I will find this and get my diary published. So kitty good buy for now with my last entry for a bit.



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