hope for the best

Hope is a normal gril wen one day she disides to go on 1D twitcam and that day changed her life forever

I hope u guys like it this is my first story


6. troble


So to day we decided to go to mc.bonalds so we were griving there and wen we got there and grils started mobing us we siend posters we to pictiors and then we coldent see hope and then wen thay were gone we saw hope on the ground onconches so liam sed "Call an ambulans " so we called one and in like 5 minautes we heard an amdulance so thay took her and drove to the hospital w foload behind the and wen we got there we sat in the the whaiting room and i had my head in my handes criang  and then a nuarse came out and sed how is hear for hope maxwell we all stod up and she sed fallow me and we got there she was still uncanshes i got there

Two week

Ok so by now all her freindes are hear she still has not woke up


So i was some where i dont know where it was all black and all i colald here were people crying and then i herd some one whisper in my ear "i love u" and then all the darkenes was falling and wen i hit the botum i saw light and a lot of pepol asking me quiestiens so finally i sed " shut up i have a question to ask u gyus hwo am i" and then sudenly thay all started crying and i was thinking that blonde boy withe blue was cute and then i relisedb somthing " did i just say that out loud" and thay all ansead "yes"  and then i started blushing and thay all started laghing

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