hope for the best

Hope is a normal gril wen one day she disides to go on 1D twitcam and that day changed her life forever

I hope u guys like it this is my first story


4. toys r us


So every body was board and then I had an idea there was a toys r us near hear so i sed " guys thears a toys r us near hear" thay wear all happy thay jumped up  and got ready and ten minutes later we were there thay all rushed out of the van and in to the toys r us we got a lot of stuf and i piked out something for zyan it was a mioror and my brother was there we all had fun the boys mostly got nerf guns wen we got home we went in the back yard and started playing with the stuf we got we had a lot of fun . So it was super time by the time we had cleand up we had chicen corn biscuts rolls it was good and after we ate we wachted a movie we wach toy story cus we had them and liam wold not shut up about it we wached all three and in the middle of the threed one i fell asleep and wen the movie was over thay woke me up and told me "the movies over" and i sed " niall will u cary me" and he piced me up bridal style and took me to my bed and we laid down to gether and i fell asleep 


I woke up to cameras flashing and i see lou and harry taking picturs of me and niall i asked them " do u mind" and thay sed " no" and then i threw a pillow at them and thay fell down and started winening i got up and went over to them and sed " dont do that agean all right" thay noded and i went to the kichen and ate dreckfast

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