hope for the best

Hope is a normal gril wen one day she disides to go on 1D twitcam and that day changed her life forever

I hope u guys like it this is my first story


8. the best joke ever

Athores note

Ok this is the last chapter sorry



Hopes pov

Ok so today we I'm going to play a prank on the boys later well aqually now so her we go

We were aroand the camp fire and we were talking so I started to tell the joke here we go

Ok guys I haft to tell you somthing I'm going to tell u guys that only you will know ok here it gows ok uv heard of all thows vampire storys rite ok if u thout thay where fake right well u were rong I'm one and I am going to drink all ur blood I'm not goking so u mite whant to run know" and thay started to run and sume how I got them all in a room and I loked the door ind conerd them and thay all looked like thay were going to pee there pants and wen I was a foot away I started to laugh so hard and thay asked y I was laghing and I told them thay are so gulabal and that i was not a vampire and thay started to chace me and i was funing and flaling my arms every whare and then thay cot me and threw me in the pool



                                                                                                   The end

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