hope for the best

Hope is a normal gril wen one day she disides to go on 1D twitcam and that day changed her life forever

I hope u guys like it this is my first story


7. ow i remambar

So the docter sed I could go home to night so I was geting ready to go home 

2 hours later 

We arived at my house it was big and it was cute on the in side  we had a lot of pets and we had a little pig that came roning to me and then I started to rememder somthing 

Flash back

So me and my parents and my drother were going and geting me a little pig so we got at the place and I picked out the runt she was so cute and I named her miss piggy wen we were on uor way home she fell asleep on my lap so we got home and I went on skype and skiped niall and harry lou and zyan and liam And i showd them miss piggy

End of flashback i had to get them to come so i could tell them i got my memery back so i screamd at the top of my lung and thay all came in an thay all looked halareas and i told them i got my memery back thay were so happy nd then we just had some fun iv got to say it was a fun 2 Monthes





Sory for the short store incoldent think of enething i hoped u all liked it 

Love drectioner for ever 22

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