hope for the best

Hope is a normal gril wen one day she disides to go on 1D twitcam and that day changed her life forever

I hope u guys like it this is my first story


5. meet my freinds

So today I think im going to let them meet my bff's thay love one direction so i sed " hay guys u want to meet my bff's" thay all sed " yes" so we got redy and went to my bff ariel so we were there i told the doys to stay in the van for a minate  so I went in the house and asked her what her fave one driection song she sed kiss u and i ran out side tould the doys and went back in and closed her eyes and the boys came out and started singing i let her open her eys and she started fangriling and wen the song was over i sed " niall zyan liam lou harry this is ariel ariel u know how thay r o and if your wondering why thay r here i'll show u" i went over to niall and kissed him pashinataly and we pulded away wen we needed air i turned to look at her fase it was halarius i started laghuing and she asked "whats so funny" i told her the anser and she asked if we were dating i sed "no i just felt like kissing him" not leaving out the sarcasam we all talked thay met her brothers we had a great time and then we went to my freind mollies house we got there i did the same thing to her as i did to ariel and we plaid this one game she put in kiss u and every time thay sed kiss u we would kiss the one we like I kissed niall and mollie kissed lou we had a lot of fun wen we got home we ate dinner and we wached a movie it was rise of the gardiens and the croods I like the movies

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