Summer Love

Will the summer change the life of Emily William?


3. WHAT!

(Emily's P.O.V) 

i hate my life i have only one choice to make everything better for me, my life is the worst life anyone can ever have, I decided to make some cuts and try to die, i swear thats the best for me, if my mom doesnt want me, like seriously imagine that your mom doesnt want you any more and you have no friends, what do you want from life? so i sneaked down stairs tip toeing so that my step-father wont wake up since it is 12:00 am, i reached the kitchen and got a knife then went back up stairs to my room and locked the door behind me then i enterd my bathroom and locked the door too, i expanded my left arm and streched it, i took off my watch, and hold the knife very tight in my right hand, i shut my eyes deeply thinking if i can cut myself, and what would happen after i die? i hold the knife close to my left hand wrist, i shut my eyes again and cut myself but i couldnt cut deeply, just the surface of my skin then i regret cutting myself, i looked at my wrist it was bleeding like rivers and i started crying silently, i started looking for bandage then i cleaned my wrist with water, it hurts alot, i rabbed the bandage around my wrist and i then coloured it so that my step-father wont find about it. I colored it red and wrote 1D, 1D is one of my favorite bands, i realky love there music and videos and everything they do, i cant decribe how amazing they are, they are also so cute, i hope i will ever meet them but i only meet them in my dreames, some people say "dreams may come true" i got lots of good and bad dreames and the only dreames that comes true are my bad dreames. i then cleaned my bathroom from the red river i made ,and also the knife and returnd it to the kitchen then i drifted sleeping in my purple bed. 


i woke up today early at 8:00 am, i am now worried about my letters that i want to check them now, i changed to shot jeans and neon pink tank top and ran down the stairs i opened the front door and went directly toward the mail box hopping thay theh only accepted me in london because my step-father told me if i get accepted in any university in Dublin i will have to stay in here with him, when i opened the mail box i found the letters, i took them and went back to the living room, i opened all of the letters and fliped them so the empty side of the paper is facing me, right now infront if me are 5 letters from universities two from Dublin, three from London, on the table, I fliped the first paper and saw 



I fliped the second paper and saw 



I fliped the third and fourth and fifth papers together and the say NO..NO..NO 

I jumped from my happiness and now i know i might be able to change my future, i will be independent and thats what i was hopping for, after my shoet self party i wanted to tell my step-father i started looking for him in the house but i think he was sleeping but his car wasn't outside, i wonder where is he? i want to share this information with someone, i want someone to feel happy for me...but there is no one.

2 hours later.... 

i was watching T.v then i heared the front door opening, i saw my step-father entering, his eyes are red puffy, i think he was crying but why? so i stayed in my place staring at the t.v watching interview for one direction, suddenly the screen went black and my step-father started saying "Emily honey please dont get sad or anything b-but...". my heart was bumbing so fast i just get so worried about whats going to happen, what is he going to say "but what dad!?" "y-your m-mother died" what! what did he say, no no no nooo why, no this cant be true, i know that she hates me, but i still love her, for god sake she is my mother, but am really sad, my vision became blury i still cant believe what he is saying, but why did he care that much? did he still love her? i have never saw that much of sadness in his face even when they got devorced, i really feel bad for him then i snapped and asked him and also sobbing " why? when?" "she was yeasterday.....talking on the phone but i dont know with who? and she was drunk at the mean while after she finished her phone call she got frustrated and went and walked out ...for some fresh air....she got lost in her thoughts and..and she crossed the street without watching it...and a car crushed into her..." no i cant believe this, so my mom was drunk and she didnt mean what she said, now am crying harder and harder. my step-father started crying too and came and hugged me, so its only me and him that make a family, then my step-father got confused look in his face and he said "did you get your universities acceptance letters?". "yeah dad i just got them, i got accpted in Queen Marry University of London...only" then he stared at my eyes like he never did " you are going to go to London in two weeks?" i looked at the ground and said "erm, yeah i think" sadness came on his face "so you are going to leave me alone?" i felt bad for him and now he is going to be alone, "yeah..." he came toward me and hugged me and said "I am proud of you honey, go there and study well and i cant wait for tomorrow" i pulled back and said "so you are coming tomorrow for my graduation?" "Duh! I am so proud of you, well done" "aw thanks daddy!" i hagged him and i still cant believe what happened, he really cares for me i think, i feel guilty, i actually cant believe i just called him daddy but its okay thats how i will always call him. "c'mon lets go buy you a dress for tomorrow," he told me. 


we arrived to the dress shop and i felt like a princess, i never thought that my step-father cares for me, i really am glad, but am worried a tad because am gonna leave him alone. so i started looking for dresses then an employnent came toward me and said "hello ma'am, am Sky, how can i help you?", i smiled at her and said "am Emily, well tomorrow is my graduation ceremony and am looking for a dress" "well first of all congrats fir you, and come follow me" i followed her, we entered another room full of cute dresses, she walked back towards me holding a hot red strapless dress the reaches my mid thigh, but it wasnt slutty "what do you think about this?" i answered "its so cute i will try it" "wait a second i will get you heels", i went toward the dressing room and changed to the red dress and i wore the red heels, i think i looked hot, but of course no one will see me in that way. when i went out of the room my dad saw me and he ran toward me and hugging me "you look so beautiful" i blushed "thank you", he said to me "we are getting this one, right?" ,"right!''

we reached to the home and it was 10 pm and i have to sleep because tomorros is ond of the important days in my life, i went toward my bed and slept.

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