Summer Love

Will the summer change the life of Emily William?


4. This wasn't expected

(Emily's P.O.V)  

I woke up, fresh, about 9:30 am, I went to my bathroom and took a hot shower, I brushed my teeth and my hair, i weng out of my bathroom and saw my dress that am going to wear today, I can't wait to wear it, now am going to go out to the saloin, I need to get my nails done, I put on some sweat pants and blue tank top, I wore my shoes and grabed my keys, I am now on my way to the saloon and i saw starbucks, I decided to have some coffe and sandwich am really hungry, I parked my car and entered, i walked toward the cashire, "Good morning ma'am" the employment said , "good morning, can i have black coffee and club sandwich," "sure, whats your name?" "Emily", "Go have a seat, your order will be ready in 10 minutes," "thank you" i said. I walked toward an empty table, and sat next to the window, I saw crowd outside, i wonder whats happening. I saw a boy with dirty blonded hair, with bueatiful blue eyes, i recognised this person, its Niall Horan from one direction, OMG, but he seems annoyed from the paps, but isnt he suppose to be in a tuor with the boys? I want to take his autograph and hang with him, but i dont want to annoy him, i got lost in my thoughts and suddenly i heared my name being called more than once, i rushed to the counter then pumed into, Niall Horan, i rushed words and started saying "oh am really sorry, i didnt see you i-" he cuts me"hey its okay," i want to ask him for a picture but i think he will get annoyed but that might be my first and last time to meet him "can i please have your autograph?" "yeah sure and a picture if you want too" i cant believe this is happening. 

i took a picture and his autograph, hugged him and got my order and left to the saloon.

i finished my nails at the saloon and they looked perfect. i went home and started getting ready.

(Niall's P.O.V) 

i saw her disapper from the door, when i hugged her i got shivers and feel weird, she is a fan, but a different one, she is so sweet and pretty , she hot light brown eyes and hair too, she is so cute, i dont knoebut i think i want to know her more, i fely different with her, i know that looks untrue because i just met her, and it is true that i wamt to meet her again, but the problem is that that tomorrow me and louis are leaving to England we need to go back for the boys, but that means i might not mee her again. You know what?i have an idea, i can follow her on twitter, i will try my best to find it, i know i have miliom of followers but i need to find that girl

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