Summer Love

Will the summer change the life of Emily William?


9. Thanks god!

(Emily's P.o.v)

i was about to fly from my seat when the airoplane was shaking up and down, back and forth. kids were crying, i think the airoplane is going to fall! omg! 

i am going to die in an airoplane

i started crying, i really am scraed, i felt someone rabed his arms around me pulling me close to his chest, it was Ross, i was crying on his chest, i could feel his heat beats. 

he started saying, "you are going to be safe, everyone will" 

i saw worry in his eyes then he say 

"you will reach your family and your friends seafly, trust me" aww hes sweet. 

i jumped from seat againg my heade shaking back and forth, 

i started crying heavier

i said sadly"but i have no family nor friends" 

"oh" was all he said  

"but you are my friend now? right" he said to me cheerfuly  

i replied forming a warm smile "if you say so" 

he kissed my forehead hugging me tightly, i really feel safe in his arms

he say "where are you staying?" 

"i am staying at a hotle, untill i find a good flat, and you?" 

i just relized that the airoplane is going okay, phew thanks god.

"i am looking for a flat too, I have no relatives there nor friends" 

"aha" i said

(Ross P.O.V) 

omg she is so pretty and cuts, i like her she is sweet. 

but why she doesnt have any friends she is kind and sweet?

"where is your family?" i asked her, well i dont have a family too, i got only one brother that is married and my mom is married to another man, known now as my step father, my real father got divorced with my mum, and i lived away from both of them. i better start my own life  


she answerd sadly "my real father died long time ago, and my mum a car crashed her, and my step father died before few days i think, i have no siblings"  

a frown formed in her face and a tear rolled down her cheek,  

"i am so sorry, Emily" 

i rubbed the tear from her cheek with my thumb and i left my hand her cheek unrecognaizably ( i dont think thats a word). i was leaning forward to kiss her, she puts her hand above mine and removes it. 

i snapped out and said "erm, sorry" she giggles "its okay" 

now she asks me "where is your family, if you dont mind me asking"

"no its okay. well my parents got divorced and my real mum lives in a place i dont know where, actually she doesnt want me, my dad died, and my step father got divorced with my mum and hes in ireland...complecating huh?".

"sorry for your dad" she said 

"its okay, non of my parents like me"

she didnt reply, thats when i reilzed she is sleeping.

here head was on my shoulder and my head above her's. 

she is cute when she is sleeping.

i played with her hair, i am worried about her, staying alone in London, many kidnapping happen there, i am seriously worried about her. i have an idea.

thats when i feel a sleep 


1 hour later  

"wake up sir, we landed " i heared a woman  

i woke up quickly seeing Emily next to me. 

"thank you" 

she went thats when i started waking up Emily


(Emily's P.O.V)

i felt someone is shaking me 

"wake up Emily, we landed" 

ohh am still in the airoplane.  

i shook up my head, saying "am up," 

he replied jokingly "good for you" 

i giggled at his joke,


we went out of the plane and then i heard Ross saying 



"can we saty in London in the same flat?" 

what? is he serious? i dont know him, is he good? is he bad guy? is he a- 

"whic university are you staying at? " 

"umm... Queen Mary University of London. why?" 

"are you serious?"  


"thats the same university i am going to" he said happily 

yes! i have a real friend, you know what?  

i think i am going to stay with him 

i say "i accept your offer"  

he looked at me confused i said "what?"  

he said 

"what offer?" 

"you asked me if i want me to stay wit--" 

he cut me  

"ohh yeah yes yes. yaay". he said like a little girl. he hugged me and we took our bags and went out--- 

oh shit i forget Niall, "whats wrong?" 

"Niall said to me that he is going to pick md from the airport and of coursd he is inside i have to go back there" thats when i rememerd i didnt tell Ross about Niall 

"who's Niall? you said you know no one?" 

"Niall Horan from One Direction," 

i thinkk his jaw just reached the ground 

"shut your mouth or a fly wilk enter" i giggle at my own joke

"you know him?" 

"not really, we became friends from twitter," 

"okay i will get you inside c'mon"

we enterd and searched for Niall, we found him from the crowd.

they gave him some Privecy and went  

thats when i said "hey Niall" 

"Hello Emily!" he came toward me and hugged me, 

"Emily i will go find us a hotle bye" 

he waved and went 

"niall just give me a second" 

i ran to Ross and said 

"can you give me your phone number?" 

"yeah sure" 

be saved his phone number and went to look for a hotle and he also took my bags, i feel he is my brother

i went back to niall 

"Sorry Niall i am late" 

"No your not darlin'" " you like to meet the boys?" 

i replied excitdley 

"yeah sure, why not?" 

"okay then lets go"

we reached his house, it was HUGE! 

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