Summer Love

Will the summer change the life of Emily William?



(Niall's P.O.V)

we landed and got our bags then we went to the limo with the reat of the boys.

i sat near the window, Harry sat on my left, infront of me Louis and Eleanor cuddling, next to them Zayn and Perri staring at each other, opposite of them Liam and Daniell playing with each others cheeks. Harry isn't single, he have girlfriend, its Taylor Swift, she couldnt come with them, she was on a toure, i hate her, she called me 'a pig' i really feel bad, non of us like her except Harry of course.

we reached to Lou's flat since he wants all of us to stay tonight at his place.

i placed my bags inside my room in lou's flat, and i fond that my phone vibrating. i lt is a message from Emily.

From: @Emily_w

'sure, what is it?'

i smiled at her message and reply.

To: @Emily_w

'why were u not good? what happend?'

i locked my iphone and changed to pajams.

I sat on my bed and I posted a tewewt saying 'back to London' I got about 200 retweets in 2 minutes and replies, i love to reply my fans but i am not always free, sometimes i dont like to reply because there are some hate.

(Emily's P.O.V)

my phone vibrated as i sat on my bed

from: @NiallOffical

'why were u not good? what happend?'

I dont know, should I tell him? He will maybe make fun of me. No no no no, don't think like this Emily, he just want to know if you are okay. Its okay If I tell him. I really need to talk to someone and tell them.about me.

To: @NiallOffical

'umm, its just that my step-father died yesterday and i wasnt in the mood to chat'

after ten seconds he replied directly, wow, i think he's waiting for me to reply.

from: @NiallOffical

' oh am sorry...:( '

To: @NiallOffical

'its okay'

Form: @NiallOffical

'how old r u?'

To: @NiallOffical



(Niall's P.O.V)

I think she wants to chat.

To: @Emily_w

'so..u live in Ireland?'

From: @Emily_w

' well today and tomorrow r going to be my last days here. I am moving to London, for university'

WHAT THE HELL! she's moving here! woow, I have a chance to talk to her. Yay!


"Niall! come here!" I heared Liam calling from down stairs.

"what!" i replied "Taylor got you Nando's" 


ugh, isn't she supose to be in a toure. I hate her, she is only acting good. screw her. "Fine am coming"

i went down stairs and sat on the table, i started eatin and chatting with Emily

To: @Emily_w

'so u r coming here, actually r u from here?'

Form: @Emily_w

' its complicated... well my mum is from Canda and my real dad from England, when my dad died, my mum got re-married with Irish man, my step-father.'

I really feel sorry for her, she lost two fathers.

I have a great odea that came to my brain right now!

To: @Emily_w  

'Do u know anyone in London?' 


my smile got wider amd everybody is staring at me, i dont care.

From: @Emily_w 

'No, I am going to look for a flat when i come , and also for work. '

"What are you smiling at?" I beared Taylor,  

"Non of your business miss,"

I dont know why harry is still with her, she is an annoyig stubborn.

"what are you smiling at?" 

"Non of your business" 


"fuck You Taylor! ugh"

i snaped at her and went back to my room.  


To: @Emily_w  

' you can stay at my place if u want. and i will pick u from the airport?'

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