Summer Love

Will the summer change the life of Emily William?


2. Life is hell

(Emily's P.O.V)

Summer holiday is the best thing ever, and for good it started today. Am really excited that two more days are left and i will have my graduation ceremony. so that means after the summer holiday i will be able to go to universtiy so i applied for three universities in London and two in Dublin. you might ask why i applied for more universities in London than Dublin, well its because in London there are many sweet people and i will not get bullied by others, and London is really an amazing place where everyone wish to live there or even visit  and i also love to be independent becauce since my dad died my mother got married again then they got divorced and i had to stay with my step-father, and since i my step-father doesnt really care about what do i do, i became independent and do everything alone without anyone's help. my mother didn't let me stay and live with her because she doesn't think that she can provide for me enough money for universitiy and everything, my mom is now living in USA, she moved there for her job that she can get enough money for her self, i always contact with her but in these few days she doesn't answer her phone i wonder why, I just hope i could live with her again, i tried to text her and call her about 10 times but she doesnt answer i really am worried now, my step-father actually doesnt want me to contact with my mother but i do it secretly without him knowing, but now i just want to ask him, "Why my mother doen't answer her phone? Did anything happen to her?" Thats whats on my mind right now. 

Now am on my bed and suddenly my phone started vibrating, i rushed to the nightstand and pick up my phone and answered without even checking who's the caller, i started "Hello?" then i heared her angeltic voice that i missed from few days "Hello Emi--" i cut her off nit relizing that my voice is high "Oh thanks god MOM your okay, I thought something happened to you, why werent you answering my phone calls and texts? You got me worried, i missed you so much mom, i want t--" now this time she cuts me saying "Hey Emily! Take a breathe! And no need to worry about me! You are not even my daughter anymore! I dont know you, okay! Do you understand? And never ever call me again!? You are the worest daughter! You are so annoying thats why you dont have ever got friends.ugh!Bye!" and she hang up she was so harsh to me, what have i done? My vision is now blurry and the tears started streaming down my face...i have no one left in my life, may be what my mom said is true? Maybe am an annoying girl that no one like to stay around? But why like seriously ? Why?  

I hate my life.....i hate my life.....i know now that from my mum's tone she doesn't want me anymore in her life, and now i have a great idea that will change me because it is my only choice in this hell life............

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