Summer Love

Will the summer change the life of Emily William?


8. I don't want to die!

(Emily's P.O.V)

what! he wants me to stay with him, no, no way. he wont like me, or he is feeling sorry for me.


To: @NiallOffical

'NO, sorry I can't stay at your place, what will people think about me? plus u r famous, why would u like me to stay at ur place. Any ways i can take a taxi. Thank u any ways..'

am not gonna let him pick me, whom am i so Niall Horan will pick me from the airport.

From: @NiallOffical

'No its okay, am serious, I would like u to stay with me at my place,'

To: @NiallOffical

'No its okay, plus u dont know me'

From: @NiallOffical

'Thats the point, i want to know u'

What! he really wants to know me. WOW!

To: @NiallOffical

'Listen, u can Pick me from the airport, but am not staying at ur place'

From @NiallOffical

'okay, as u like :/'

To: @ NiallOffical

'I got 2 go now, I need to pack. bye.xx'

From: @NiallOffical

'Bye. see ya!'

I decided to start packing now. i got 2 bags from under my bed and I cleaned the dust from the bags.

I finishe packing, i went out of my room to my step father room, to get the money and put them on the bank so i wont lose them.

i grabed my keys and the money and drove to the bank.

i got now my credit card and there is about £5000 in it. and i got £500 cash with me for emergencys.

i got back home and made some dinner amd then went to sleep. such a long day.


2 Days later..........

at my house 9:00 am

From: @NiallOffical 

'hey, when do u arrive London?'

To: @NiallOffical 


From: @NiallOffical 

'ok, Have a safe flight. I'll be waiting for u. 

p.s. heres my phone number 70110878'

To: @NiallOffical 

'thank u, btw r we....friends?'

I dont have friends, so i hope he will be my friend.

From: @NiallOffical 

'of course, love. bye'

To: @NiallOffical 


yaaaay he is my friend. and i have got Niall Horan phone number. Omg thats the best day ever, till now.


(Niall's P.O.V) 


YES! Today is the day, i will meet her again. yes!


(Emily's P.O.V)

At the Airport...

i did boarding for my bags, and also for my dad's car and mine i put them for sale in a shop, so when they are sold i will get the money.

"Flight 260, to London. Gates are opend. Flight 260, to London.Gates are opend. Thank you" i heard the woman's voice.  

i went to my gate and enterd.

i sat on my seat, next to the window, yaay i love windows.such a kid, haha

the seat next to me was empty, someone is supose to come, i hope no one will. 

i poped my head phones to me ear and played some music. 

and stared out of the window.

5 minutes later... 

someone taped my shoulder, i took my head phones and saw a boy, with spiked brown hair and hazel eyes. "umm, can i set here?" he asked softly, "yeah sure," 

i removed my hand bag from the seat so he will be able to sit down,

i bluged my head phones, so no one is gonna bother me now and i stared out of the window, again.

i felt at tapping on my shoulders, again. ught! 


i did the samething then i saw the boy, "ugh, sorry for annoying but you have to put on your seat belt." i think he think's that am annoyed from him, well i am a bit but...nevermind "its okay, thanks anyway" i smiled at him.

"by the way, i am Ross Adam" 

he pulled his hand to shake 

"Emily, Emily William"

we pulled our hands, he said "nice to meet you," 

"you too"

he started, " are on a trip to London?or?" 

"well i am moving there for university, what about you?" 

"same. I a moving to university. are you from Ireland?" 

"no, its complicated, i am have Britsh half Canadian and half Irish." 


"what about you?" 

i think he is Irish from his accent, 

"i am Irish" "how old are you, bueatiful?" 

I think he started flirting. 




i think thats the end of our conversatio, i just stared out of the window whild we are right now flying, thats amazing, i think Ross is also amazing,

i heared some giggling and laughing , i looked at the seat next row, i saw a girl about my age, with her parents talking and laughing, i stay staring on them, thats when i relized i felt a tear rolling down my cheek. 

ohh i really want to make me laugh, someone care about me, i dont care if its a family or a boyfriend or a friend, at leaset its someone. 

thats when i relized more tears,

"ohh Emily? why are you crying?"  

i whiped away my tears, and said lied, 

"nothing, its nothing" 

"no its okay if you want to tell me?". 

i dont think i should tell him? he is a starnger, i just met him, 9 minutes ago? 

"no its nothing" 


1 hour is gone, 1 and a half hour is left, ugh am getting bored.

"hello to our deariest passengers, i would like to say a small announcment," i heard the pilot from the speakers, 

"we are going to have some air pumbs, please be safe and buckl your seat bealt and try not to get up, no need to panic, everything will be alright," 

What! Omg am scared right now! Ross was sleeping and he woke up in the voice of the pilot,  

i buckled my seat belt and curled myself in a ball, i put my face between my knees, scared.

i was about to fly from my seat when the airoplane was shaking up and down, back and forth. kids were crying, i think the airoplane is going to fall! omg! 

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