Summer Love

Will the summer change the life of Emily William?


6. He actually replied!

(Niall's P.O.V) 

me and lou are at the airport we did the boarding and sat next to our gate for the airoplane, i want to check my twitter, maybe Emily sent something to me, i opend my twitter and i had about 100 DM i dont think she's one of them because of course she thinks i wont answer back, i started looking at each DM and i found her name, i quickly opend it and found:

from: @Emily_w

'Thanks for following me, it really means alot, u made my day :)'

i smile widley at her message, "what are you smiling at, mate?" i heared louis then i replied, "um, the girl's name is Emily she sent me message" lou replied "ohh so the princ nialler is finally trying to get princess" i shut lou and go back to reply Emily,

To @Emily_w:

'your welcome love. how are you?'

''announcment, airplane 6190 is going to be late.'' ne and lou heard the mic-women voice (i dont know what do they call her) lou get mad because he cant wait to see elanor "why!" i replied him "haha chill its okay"

i felt my phone vibrating, Emily replied:

from: @Emily_w

'i am not good, sorry i will message u later'

what!! what happend to her, is she regecting me? no. but she is a big fan, if it was anothere fan she wont stop texting me, what happend to Emily?  

i dont know what to reply

To: @Emily_w 


'ok, but i want to ask u something but later cos u dont want to chat.bye.'


30 min later....

"flight 6190 to London, gate is opend now" the woman said in the mic, louis wast running toward the gate, he really miss Eleanor so bad.

the whole flight was quiet lou was sleeping the entire flight, i stayed staring through the window listening to music and thinking about Emily, i wonder what happend to her, if it was a boy that broke her heart am going to kill him, but i havs no fight to even talk to fight with him.


(Emily's P.O.V)

i felt bad for regecting messaging Niall, but i was with no emotions, i have no one, i stayed crying the whole day, i dont believe it, i am alone in the home sobbing and sitting in my bed crying and crying. i felt my phone vibrating, it was my university calling from London, you know what? I actually forgot about going go university. however; i answered my phone "Hello Miss.William," "hi" i replied softley, "we are starting from now to preapare the books and we need you to come by three days because you have to set your scadual and do some re 

momogestring papers," no i haven't even start packing, but i have no choice i guess, "okay i will try my best to come in three days," "sorry for making it so early, i dont think you even started packing but this year we have to start early," "yeah i didnt start packing, its okay" "thanks for your time, have a nice day Emily" i smiled at her, i tgink i realy need to talk to someone, i always try to make friends but the people wont accept me, but why? however; i think am going to message Niall, i hope he'll answer me. But i wonder whats that 'something' that he want to ask me, he doesnt even know me, i think i am being rude to him? why am i not excited about talking to Niall Horan from One Direction, and if it was another girl she will be letting the whole world to know that she chatted with him. i opend my twitter and opend my Dm.

From: @NiallOffical

'ok, but i want to ask u something but later cos u dont want to chat.bye.'

he sent it about an hour ago.

To: @NiallOffical

'sure, what is it?'

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