Summer Love

Will the summer change the life of Emily William?


5. Am I cursed?

(Emily's P.O.V)  


I curled my hair and put make up on my face, i wore my hot red dress, i looked at myself in the mirror, i cant believe this is me, wow, i lookes pretty for once.

me and my step-father reached the place where the ceremony takes place, we parked the car and went inside, i took a seat with my classmates, when they saw me they started whispering things to each other, of course about me, i heard blondie girl whispering "what a slut!" but why? like, last time they were calling me a geek and nerdy and suddently they call me a slut, seriously! c'mon people. i think i just have to ignoar them.

so they started calling names and i got my graduation certificate and my step-father is proude of me, you know what, i feel like i have the best step-father, he is not bad to me and he said he is proide of me, and this make me really happy.

we arrived home, i changed into comfortable clothes, "Emily! Emily" i heared my step father, i ran downstairs "yes dad," he ssked "i will go and get some food from the near by store, do you like to come with me?" i am tired now and i need sometime alone to think about university so am not going "no, i am a tad tired", he said sadly "ah, i just wanted to have more time with you, but its okay" then he left and i went to my room and sat on my bed and started scrowling in my twitter, then i remembred whom i met today, Niall Horan, i posted in twitter the picture of me and Niall, and i also mentioned him, maybe he will recognize me and follow, it will be amazing, but i dont think he is gonna recogniz he got thousand of mentions in 10 minutes. 

i am really tired now ao i am going to sleep.

(Niall's P.O.V)  


i was on my twitter, looking for the profile of the girl i met this morning, i know that i will know her because of course she posted the picture, i got a mention right now in a picture, and guess whom it is, its that girl, an happy expression came on my face, "whats up mate?" i heared louis saying, i replied happily-nervously "today in starbucks, i-i pumbed into that girl, and...and i get my mind out of thinking about her, she is a fan she asked me for an autograph and a picture and i gave her and she was happy but i wish i had asked her for her name.." "i want to know her more, she is a differnt fan in a good way, i really liked her, but i met her for about 5 minutes," louis started smirking at me and my face was like a tomato "aw my baby have a crush on some girl" louis said as if he is my mum, god i love that lad, i replied him sassly "shut up!" then he is serious now so he asked " so what are you going to do now?" i replied "she just posted our picture on twitter and she mentioned me so i foind her easily" i looked down at my phone and followed her, "and her name is Emily, i guess" what a nice name for a nice girl. louis said "good luck buddy, i hope she will be your princess" and he left, i think to sleep in his room, since tomorrow me and lou are going to go back to London with the boys i have to sleep early, i went out of twitter and went to sleep.

(Emily's P.O.V) 

i woke up and i found 50 new followers in my twitter, i checked my mentions and i found that,Niall freaking Horan, followed me, OmG, i directly opened my messages and sent him a message,

From @Emily_W  

To @NiallOffical

'Thanks for following me, it really means alot, u made my day :)'


i closed my phone and i checked if i have any missed calls or texts sinve i slept early, OH MY WORLD, why in the hell i have 10 missed calls from my step father and 9 messages?

the messages are:

from s-f: 

come to the store i need help.

from s-f: 

there is no one call the police

from s-f:  

there is a fire in the store no one knows am still inside

from s-f: 

help me please

from s-f: 

answer your damn phone

from s-f:  

i cant breathe

from s-f:  

if i die, please take care of your self, there is money in the locker, they are too much u can pay for university and eat, but please help me please!

from s-f: 

i love you honey

from s-f:  


OMG! my vision became blurry, tears filled my eyes, i started crying, i stayed in the same clothes and went to my car, i drove to the nearest hospitle because of course he will be there, i ran toward the resption counter "good morning, how can i help you?" i saod very fast "yesterday there was a fire in a store and my dad was there and he told me no one came to help him, so did he got helped at the end, is hd here?" i dont know what am saying, the nurse i think asked "what is his name?" "Robert Adam" the nurse typed his name in the computer and checked some files then said "sorry but he is not in this hospital," what! "seriously! you helped everyone but him" "omg" i ran out of the hospital like crazy i drove my car toward the black store, all the walls are down, and if my s-f in here i dont think he will stay alive, i ran into there the bumped into someone in the chest "woah miss, where are you going?" i think thats an officer, i answerd rudely "well, i am going to see my dad if be is still alive! you stupid officer get away from my way! you dont know how to do your work" i am really upset mad and everything, i cant believe i lost in am week my mom and my step father thats horrible, i strted pushing away the officer then he said "sorry miss but we helped everone yesterday," i am so pissed right now "BUT WHY MY DAD ISN'T IN THE HOSPITLE THEN!" the officer got lost in his own thoughts for a second then said "fine we will go and check, but you stay here" i nodded and started crying. I think i really need to have friends, i need someone to talk to, someone to help me do things, i saw the officer coming back looking sad, he started "i am so sorry, your," i. started crying harder, no one is left in my life, why! what i have done wrong!?

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