Skyward: The Beginning

Copyright © 2013 Hailee Reynolds.
On a planet called Pandora, six teenagers who control the elements have to find their mark in this world. With the newly created fire element named Hailee joins the group, tension starts and chaos erupts. What will happen to Pandora if the elements are out of balance? Find out in Skyward: The Beginning.


23. Why Snow Hates Hunting

As I woke up I saw that Trevor had left. Probably to go train Luke like he said he would. I stretched out my legs and body before letting my wings open and close. It was hard to let them really open when they were about the width of the room. I slipped out of bed and snapped my fingers, my white and blue armor forming on me in seconds. Man this was a handy spell to learn. I walked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen when I saw a not confirming my thoughts.

Went to go train

Luke. Left this here in

case you woke up late

from the long night ;)


I snorted. This is why we were bonded. Even though he could be grumpy and angry with me and had his episodes. Or we fought a little, no one could love me quite like he did. And I knew in that moment no matter what I would never have wanted to bond with anyone else. I grabbed some bread and crackers for breakfast before heading out to meet Snow for our training. I rejoiced the friendship me and her shared. Our main rule was that we never had a set time that we had to be up in the morning and we started when some one got the other person. Knocking on the door to Zander's house, shuffling sounded from the inside and Zander opened the door, yawing and rubbing his eyes.

"Hey Hailee, whats up? What do you need?" He asked me. I looked over and saw Snow standing behind him, wearing one of his shirts that was huge on her.

"Uh yeah I was looking for, Snow. We have training today." I said to him, smileing. He blushed and turned around to face Snow.

"Hun Hailee's wondering about training you want to go get ready?" He asked her. She blushed too before responding.

"Yeah just give me a second." She said before turning to leave.

"So you and Snow, huh?" I asked him, nudging him playfully.

"yeah but shut up I didn't do that to you and Trevor when you two got together." He said to me. A moment later Snow came back wearing khakis and a t-shirt.

"Alright you ready to go?" I asked her.

"Yeah, what do you have in mind today anyways?" Snow asked me.

"Hmm. Maybe some bow hunting since I know you haven't used a bow much." I said to her.

"Yeah okay lets go." She said before turning and giving Zander a hug. 

"So whats up with Zander and you?" I said nudging her. I pulled my bow off of my back and manifested another one for her with a bunch of arrows.

"Nothing really." She said blushing slightly. I pushed the elevator button and pursed my lips.

"I don't think staying at his house is called nothing."

"I'll tell you when we get out hunting jeez, you can be so nosey sometimes." She said smiling at me.

"It's my job, assuming I don't know everything already." I said which got me an eye roll from Snow. 

"Isn't Flitiarn coming?" She asked me. 

"No he's already out in the woods doing something so I won't bother him." I said to her. She nodded as the elevator came to a stop and opened up. We got in and I pressed the button to take us down to the forest. 

"You know I'm not that good at bow hunting right? Zander tried showing me once and I never got the hang of it." Snow said with what I assumed was an embarrassed expression. 

"Nah. It just takes practice, lots of practice." I said to her.

"Yeah, easy for you to say when you're pretty much an expert on it."

"Well I've had a good 53 years to perfect it. I would hope I'm good." The elevator stopped at the bottom and we got out. We decided that we would just walk and talk till we got there. It was a beautiful morning and when we were quiet we could hear all the animals of Pandora running or making sounds. We talked about random stuff and laughed at how stupid we sounded. I looked at her, like really looked at her and smiled. So this is what a best friend was like. Even though me and Snow had only known each other for a small amount of time; we still acted like we'd known each other all our lives. We walked a little while longer before I heard a deer in the distance coming our way. I checked the wind and we seemed to be downwind.

"Snow get down, get your bow ready. A deer is coming." I said to her in a whisper. She nodded and crouched low to hide her self in the brush. Just like I said a big deer came over the hill. It was massive, although all deer were if the wanted to compete with all the predators they had. The deer looked around for a minute before bending over to eat something on the ground. Little spikes poked out of its back for protection and Snow stood there watching it. 

"Take the shot." I said to her. I watched her notch an arrow into the bow and I was quick to do the same in case she missed. She aimed and let out her breath as the arrow flew out of the bow and into the deer. I shot with her, making sure it was dead. 

"Yes!" She called as the deer ran, stumbled and fell over a few feet away. I laughed as she ran over to the deer excited. "I've never shot a deer before." She said, a wide grin on her face. I smirked and took out my hunting knife and handed it to her. 

"What's this for?" She asked, confused. I let out a small laugh before answering.

"We you killed it right?" I asked her.

"Yeah but what does that have to do with anything?" She asked me.

"I have a rule. If you kill it, you clean it too." I said as she made a sour expression.

"God dammit." Was all she said as I almost fell over laughing.

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