Skyward: The Beginning

Copyright © 2013 Hailee Reynolds.
On a planet called Pandora, six teenagers who control the elements have to find their mark in this world. With the newly created fire element named Hailee joins the group, tension starts and chaos erupts. What will happen to Pandora if the elements are out of balance? Find out in Skyward: The Beginning.


20. The Next Three Years

At least 3 years have passed since the fight. When Trevor got well enough to start training he trained as much as he could. I mastered my element and Trevor mastered his as well. Zander mastered his not long before Trevor got better and so we all had to catch up. I still am working on my darkness when I can. Trevor helps in teaching me how to contain and suppress my emotions so that the darkness can't control me as easy as it did. Zander's teaching all of us how to fight with weapons better and I'm teaching him how to use a bow better. Zander finally found his spirit animal  which looks like a giant hawk like bird that he nicknamed, Zeus. Him and Zeus go almost everywhere together. Flit and I have grown closer together and I see him whenever I can which is fairly often since Lykos and him live in the tree with us by choice.

I made Gabriel's room into dorm rooms for hybrid's. On one side of the long hallway is for girls and those are the ones I decorated. Trevor still has some of the scars from his fight with Gabriel. I also have a permanent memory too, Gabriel gave me a birthmark like scar that looks like flames that circle my shoulder blades and makes my wings look like there blazing. Trevor likes it and says it looks like a tattoo. Speaking of him, he has been spending more time with me and makes sure to keep close tabs on me. Not like he has to though, our bond has grown stronger and he can sense where I am if he wants to.

Gabriel hasn't regenerated back to human form yet. We know that he is rallying a group together though using a cult to spread the word of his name and rallying hybrids because of the increase in hybrids in one area. Some of the hybrid's that got banished try to track us when we leave the tree because they have a certain power that allows them to sense us or unnatural presences. The reason they can't sense us in the tree is because we found out that Alex had put a spell on the tree. One of the hybrids are living with us now. She didn't talk much to Trevor or I. Mostly to Zander because he was the one that rescued her from starving. Her power is that she can control and manipulate ice from what I've seen. She said that she used to be a part of Gabriel's group until she figured out what they wanted her to do and she refused so they casted her out into the wild. She has snow white hair  like Alex but her hair is much longer than Alex's ever was. She's not immortal  and doesn't have wings like us either. She can get around though almost as fast as us using her powers. That's what Zander claims anyways.

I  talked to her once to see if I could tap into her past because I didn't trust her. I feel kind of bad because she told me that she was named Krystal by her mom because she knew she had powers as soon as she was born. She had Krystal conceal it whenever the authorities came around so she wouldn't have her only daughter taken away. When a forest fire ruined there town and she lost her mother she had to fend for herself in the woods. she lets me call her Snow and she seems to like to follow me around a lot. I sometimes feel bad when I get angry and shut her out when she wants to know more about us. I haven't told her about my other power yet and Zander, Trevor, and me plan to keep it that way until I need to use it.  She still stops by though almost regularly to see me or talk to me. I'll admit it was a little annoying but she's kind of grown on me. I honestly am relieved with everything that's going on lately except for the whole Gabriel thing.

"Whatcha' writing?" Trevor asked 

"Oh nothing really, just writing about how the last few years have been." I said to him

"Cool. You haven't been talking about the darkness right? Just in case like Snow get curious and look in your room or something?" He asked laying down next to me.

"She can't get something that's not real." I said and the book disappeared from my hand and Trevor smiled.

"You manifested it. That's smart so only you can get to it." Trevor said tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. I slightly nodded and hugged him. I took him in all in, he smelled like a spice and I loved it. He held me close to him and i was glad we could spend a little alone time together because we were both always so busy.

"I love you, Hailee." He said with his face in my hair. 

"I love you too, Trevor." Just as I predicted a knock echoed across the silent room and I groaned and rolled over.

"Come in!" Trevor called and Zander came in. 

"Sorry didn't mean to bug you guys." He said to us

"Then leave." I groaned but he knew i was joking. 

"Snow wanted to see you today Hailee." He said and then I could feel her presence behind him and I rolled to face Trevor.
"Are you ok with me going?" I asked him. He shrugged,

"I don't care I'll probably just hang with Zander while you're gone and I'll see you when you get home ok?" He said kissing me i nodded and got up. 

"Ok snow lets go." I got up and manifested new clothes on and kissed Trevor and held it for a little bit before walking out.

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