Skyward: The Beginning

Copyright © 2013 Hailee Reynolds.
On a planet called Pandora, six teenagers who control the elements have to find their mark in this world. With the newly created fire element named Hailee joins the group, tension starts and chaos erupts. What will happen to Pandora if the elements are out of balance? Find out in Skyward: The Beginning.


22. The Newbie


As I walked closer I got more and more worried. What if this was one of the members of Gabriel's group that was stalking us. 

"I'd suggest coming out from your hiding spot now before something bad happens to you. We know your there" I said to the person hiding. Snow snickered,

"Hailee just watch I can get the person out." She touched the ground and ice formed. It moved to where she wanted over to the place where the person was hiding. It was almost pathetically easy to get the person to show themselves. With a gasp and a slipping noise a boy fell and landed on his back. I was on him in seconds. pinning him down and binding his arms.

"Name" I demanded of him.

"L-Luke." He said to me, his voice shaky.

"Okay, Luke why are you here? Why were you tracking us." I asked him. He let out a small laugh which made me pissed. My eyes flared and fire came to my hands.

"Woah.. You're an element?" Luke said, his eyes wide and his back straightening up a little.

"I'm sorry Goddess but I wasn't meaning to intrude. I have been living on my since I was young and I was looking  for food. I saw your fishing traps up the stream and I wanted to see who was here. I ask for mercy, please" He said flinching a little. 

"Why are you living on your own, Luke." I almost couldn't believe that he thought i was a Goddess, the idea almost made me roll my eyes. I loosened my rip on him and calmed down a little. Luke scooted away from me and I went to catch him again before I saw why he had been living on his own right from the start. A pair of wings light brown wings with white speckles spread out behind his back.
"Also I can read what can happen in the future or past, Like visions. For example, a wolf will be running this way any minute." He said to me. I paused almost not believing what he said, even though he was right.

"Anything else?" I asked him. He nodded,

"Do you have a knife, or dagger?" He asked me. I was hesitant at first before handing him the small knife. I could catch him in a heart beat anyways.  He took it and opened his palm and slid the knife across his hand, making a huge deep cut. He winced a little before his skin healed itself in a matter of seconds. He handed me back the knife and I wiped off the blood on my pants.

"So you were abandoned because you were a hybrid?"  I asked and he nodded. I felt bad knowing that the wings were not something that could be easily hidden. I knew I could take him home because after reading him I knew he was harmless, He hardly knew how to fight people. I picked him up and placed him on his feet, brushing him off a little. "Would you like to come with us? We have food and shelter. The only thing we ask for in return is you help us in either the chores around the place or you help us hunt."  He stood there thinking about it, weighing it in his mind carefully before nodding to us.

"I will come. I'm not the best with chores but I really want to learn to fight and help hunt too." He said to me. I smiled and Flit, almost on cue appeared behind Luke, making a low growl. Luke spun around and his eyes widened as he took in the great jet black colored Alpha and Flit's red eyes took in the kid. 

"Hey it's okay Flit I got him. We're taking him back to the tree now. I promised him shelter but I know Trevor and Zander will want to give him a look over too." I said to him.

"Okay, Hailee." He said to me still keeping an eye in Luke. 

"Did you get any hunting done? I'm sorry if I bugged you." I said to him. I knew he went out sometimes either to hunt or check on his pack to see his sons.

"Actually I went to see my sons. They are doing well and have expanded the pack almost double then before. I am so proud of them." He said to me and I smiled. 

"Would you mind Luke on your back? I don't really want him flying right now." I said to Flit, this started a torrent of no's from Luke,

"No way am I riding on that wolf! Do you know how dangerous one of those are around here? And not to mention that he's an Alpha at that!" He exclaimed.

"I'm sorry but you know I only really liek you on my back and besides. I could eat him in a bite anyways." Flit said, his sharp teeth showing, I know he was doing it mostly to scare the kid and I laughed.

"Fine then Snow can head back with you and I can take him in the air." I said holding the binding on his hands and walking up the stream to the fishing traps, I took them out and we had a good amount of fish that we could cook and then keep for awhile. I secured it onto Flit to make sure he wouldn't lose it while running and I kept the poles and box for fixing them. Snow had the bucket for the fish and we all headed out. "You can fly pretty well right I said unfolding my wings. He nodded and unfolded his. As we took off it was pretty quiet, it wasn't until Luke spoke that the silence was broken.
"Has anyone ever told you that your wings are beautiful? Because they are magnificent almost like a raven's but not quite." He said to me and I smiled.

"Thanks, Luke."

"Yeah, wow I never thought I would actually see you, a goddess in the flesh before in my life, other people have said to have seen the earth and water god and goddess but no ones ever saw the air, fire, or lightning element before." He said, he smirked and looked proud, "But now I'm the first one to ever see the fire element." 

"You will meet the rest of them soon too. The air and lightning I mean. The earth and water left us some time ago." I said to him. His eyes grew wide and it looked like he was a little kid getting a present they've always wanted. I laughed a little before we got to the tree and landed. Zander was already out there, giving Snow a hug and taking the trap off of Flit. As I landed Luke stumbled, not being able to use his hands to stable himself from the landing. Trevor walked out from where all of Zander's weapons were and he headed over to me in a short jog. Zander followed close at his heels. They both could sense his presence already.

"Who's this?" They both almost asked in unison.

"This is Luke, we found him searching for food and I decided to bring him back. If you want to interrogate him you can, but I've already questioned him once. His powers are that he has wings like us, he can see into the past or future so he's psychic or whatever you want to call it, and he can also regenerate his wounds really fast too." I said to them.

"No it's fine if you already questioned him then there's no need for us to do it. You're better at reading people than we are anyways. It's not our mental power." Trevor said to me and Zander nodded.

"Yeah all I got was to create illusions, which I'm not even that good at I might add." Zander said. I already knew what Trevor's mental power was too. I figured it out when I kept getting flashbacks of the fight. He can cause cuts and injuries to his opponent by focusing on where he wants to hurt them and making a fist motion or a straight line kind of motion. Walking over to Luke, I unbound his hands and feet.

"Luke this is Trevor and Zander. Trevor is the air wielder and Zander is the lighting wielder." I said to him and he nodded almost a little to excitedly.

"Wow you guys are all so much cooler than I imagined." He said and Zander smirked,

"Damn right we are!" He said going to give Trevor a high five. I laughed a little.

"Okay we shouldn't overwhelm him right away. I'll show him to his room and you guys can get dinner ready." I said and they went to cook dinner and Snow followed them taking to Zander about her amazing time fishing for the first time. I walked toward what would have been Gabriel's old house and Luke was close behind me. Opening the door I led him past the main living room and then to another room inside the house.  Opening it, I realized it wasn't much different then the girl's room's that I designed in the other hallway.  The room had white walls and a wooden floor. A bed with black sheets  sat in one of the corners of the room. A closet was horizontal to that on the other wall a desk sat by the door. Next to a night stand by the bed was a mini fridge. I rolled my eyes, of course Trevor and Zander thought they needed to put it in there. On the other side of the door was a book shelf containing tons of different books from different genres. 

"So.. uh yeah this will be your room for now. Make your self comfortable and if you need anything changed about your room i can do that now for you." I said to him, patting my hands on my legs.

"Could you maybe make the walls a dark blue?" He asked and I nodded, with a flick of my wrist the walls were now a deep blue. Luke let out a low whistle and smiled. "I meant whenever you had time but this is good too." He said. "And maybe a black carpet with a heavy dark blue comforter and big pillows." He said getting a little pickier. I did what he wanted and he smiled. "Thank you goddess." He said to me.
"Look you don't need to call me goddess or anything. I'm Hailee, you can just call me Hailee." I said to him before Trevor was standing by the door. 

"Luke right?" Trevor said to him and he nodded. "Okay, how's getting settled in?" He asked

"It's good Trevor. I'm sorry.. Hailee. It's just the city that I can from had these temples and statues with all of the gods and goddesses and you guys were one of them. Of course you were the most highly worshiped because you had so much power over Pandora. I used to have visions of you guys and every one thought I was crazy but then my wings grew in and I couldn't hide that anymore. They threw me out but I can back for a day and say the water and earth god and goddess there." He said his eyes getting dark and his face showed that he seemed depressed. He ran a hand through his darker curly hair. I knew he was hurting even without invading his mind, his dark chocolate eyes deceived him. 

"Its okay Luke you're one of us now. We will never throw you out. I'll let you get comfortable though." I said before me and Trevor left him alone. 




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