Skyward: The Beginning

Copyright © 2013 Hailee Reynolds.
On a planet called Pandora, six teenagers who control the elements have to find their mark in this world. With the newly created fire element named Hailee joins the group, tension starts and chaos erupts. What will happen to Pandora if the elements are out of balance? Find out in Skyward: The Beginning.


25. The Cult

"Who are we? The better question is who are you? Why are you trespassing near our home?" Zander asked. 

"Your home? We are in the middle of the forest and we have been tracking the Gods and Goddess so we can seek there help. If anyone owns this land it's them." A young boy said stepping out from behind the man. The man glared at him, which made the boy shrink. I stepped out and my eyes glowed, fire came to my hands and I looked at them.

"Fools, you will never get help from us if you can't recognize the Goddess and Gods when they stand before you." Spilled from my mouth in a sort of demonic tone. My eyes widened, I didn't say that. Or at least, I didn't mean to say that. Was it the darkness I wondered? All of them got wide eyed and either bowed or fell to there knees. Zander gave me a look like nice job but I didn't feel right.

"Our deepest apologies, Goddess of Fire. We had no idea, mercy on us please." The man said to me.

"State why you're near our home. Do you come under peaceful terms?" Zander asked. A small girl with short hair looked up and tugged on the mans shirt, whispering something in his ear.

"Peaceful. Look you need to come with us. People are coming, far stronger than us. Please follow me." He said, voice shaky.

"Why would we go with you? We don't even know you." Zander almost shouted.

"No, he's right there are people coming, Hailee, you can feel it can't you?" He asked and I nodded. I couldn't see far enough to see who or how many but people were coming. Zander sighed walked with the man, us close behind him. He led us to a big tent with crates of supplies in them. 

"Taylor, stay with them and guard them please. We need there help." The man said before hurrying out of the tent. The little girl nodded and closed her eyes, a translucent purple come around us like a bubble. 

"That's nice to hear that you're only helping us because you need us." I said.

"No it's not like that. I'm sorry..." The girl said before her eyes were big and alert. She put a finger to her lips. "It's very peaceful here.. usually. It's just this other group has been asking us to join there.. Cult." She said in a very low whisper. "They say that there job is to retrieve the goddess who wields fire for this, other entity.. That they worship. We won't join them though." She said before voices started outside. 

"Ah, Jacob. How long has it been since we last saw you? It's been too long. What are your thoughts on joining us?" A voice said.

"Not long enough." The older man, Jacob, responded. "And the answer remains the same. We don't want to join your cult." 

"Ouch, when you say it like that it almost makes us look like the bad guys." The voice said with a snicker; somewhere in the distance a female started to laugh. Then the female's voice spoke,

"Jacob we didn't come here to chit chat and tell stories around the fire. You do know why we're here right?" 

"I, for once do not know why you are here, sorry." Jacob said to them. Then a thud sounded and Jacob grunted. "Fuck you, Cole." Jacob spat. 

"I'm not here to play games, Jacob. We sensed the goddess here now tell us where you're hiding her before we just help ourselves." Cole said to him.

"Shes not here. Even if I was in the presence of the goddess I would never betray her for your cult." Jacob said, actually spitting this time. Cole swung again and hit him making him groan in pain. Taylor's shield faltered and then everything seemed to go dead silent. 

"Never mind,  it seems like we already know where she is." Cole said. Wide eyed, I turned to Zander and Luke.

"You guys need to leave, I'm not letting you guys get killed by them." I said to them both. 

"No, I'm not betraying my friend, Luke needs to go back though." Zander said to Luke.

"No! I'm part of this too! I'm not leaving you guys with them. Why can't we just run?" Luke said, I thought about it for a moment before the tent that we were hiding in started to open up.

"There's no time you need to go and tell the rest of the group, please Luke." I begged. His eyes looked scared and hurt before it left his face and he nodded.

"Just please, be safe." He said to us before he gave us a quick hug. He cut a slash into the tent and ran out. I sighed in relief, but it was cut short by a man throwing down boxes we were behind.

"Well, look what we have here. Not only were you hiding the girl you were hiding the ever so famous lightning God too." He said with a smirk. "Grab them and put them on the horses, we'll take them back to the city." 

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