Skyward: The Beginning

Copyright © 2013 Hailee Reynolds.
On a planet called Pandora, six teenagers who control the elements have to find their mark in this world. With the newly created fire element named Hailee joins the group, tension starts and chaos erupts. What will happen to Pandora if the elements are out of balance? Find out in Skyward: The Beginning.


21. Snow

As we headed out the sun was almost in the middle of the sky meaning that it was almost noon. She seemed sort of embarrassed that she disturbed me I think. Either that or I intimidated her. I didn't really get it when she told me, but she told us about how some cities believed in us and we were almost like walking gods.

In a way were are I guess, I was taller then her by quiet a noticeable amount  and Trevor and Zander were even taller then me. She guessed it was because of us being elements made us taller, stronger, better in some ways. 

"Hailee?.." Snow said staring at me. I must have been spacing out again.

"Sorry Snow, just thinking. So what you want to do?" I asked her. She grinned and her grayish blue eyes lit up.

"Could we possibly go fishing?" She asked me, her soft eyes lighting up. I smiled and nodded. She grinned and jumped up and down, I knew that she had never been fishing before and I promised her I would take her sometime. I was putting it off as of late thought because I was busy with designing the dorms for any new hybrids that came in. Plus fishing was usually just a thing that Trevor would take me to do. We walked to the elevator and Flitiarn came bounding out of the house that we made for him and Lykos. He nuzzled me and I hugged his face and laughed. 

"Hey Flit. How are you doing?" I asked him scratching behind his ears.

"Nothing particular, young one. I was hoping you would go out soon because I need to hunt." He said.

"Sorry, Flitiarn I didn't mean to keep you waiting. " I said to him. Usually he goes out on his own but he likes to hunt when he knows I'm out too. We walked into the elevator and Snow ran her hand along Flit which made him jump a little. She loves Flit and Zander's spirit animal too. Flit doesn't really like anyone besides me or Trevor touching him though because he doesn't know them.

"Oh, sorry Flitiarn." Snow said to him. He didn't say anything to her he mostly just stared at the door waiting to get out. As the elevator doors slid open he ran out and waited for us patiently at the path we had made in the woods. I grabbed two smaller fishing poles and handed one to Snow. I also made sure to grab a larger bucket and two fishing nets. One was for us if we caught a fish and the other was to trap fish farther up the stream. I harnessed some of the stuff on my side so it was easier to carry. My wings ached for me to fly and I looked over to Snow,

"Hey do you think you could keep up if I flew to the spot? I won't fly over the trees so you can see me." I said to her. She nodded.

"Yeah I could keep up with Zander fairly well so I'm pretty sure I can." She said. I nodded and unfolded my wings and took off towards the spot where we would go. She did keep up pretty well, she ran and sort of ice skated along the ground. she wouldn't be able to keep up for too long but to where we were going it would be fine. Flit also ran below me and kept up a good pace too. When we got there I landed and the ground was freezing.

"It won't stay like that right?" I pointed to the ground that had froze. 

"Yeah it'll go away it doesn't last for long if I don't want it too." She said. I set up the net in the stream and then walk farther down to a lake that Trevor had found. We walked out and sat down on the ground, baiting our hooks. 

"So we never actually talked about you, you've always been so closed about your life." Snow said breaking the silence. I shrugged.

"What do you need to know?" I asked her. She wouldn't ask about the darkness because she was clueless about it. 

"Well what was your life like? How did you grow up?" She asked.

"Well definitely not the same way as you,  I was created out of a volcano because I'm fire. Zander hasn't told you how he's been created?" I asked her.

"No he has but I figured you weren't born out of a giant burst of lighting hitting Pandora." Snow said to me, shrugging. "Ok so how did you grow up. Since I know it was mostly survival with all of you." She said.

"Well training mostly. When I was just starting out I mostly learned about hunting and surviving. Then as I got older and started to master hunting and survival I went to training my element and fighting." I said to her. We stayed like that for awhile, catching fish and releasing the smaller one.

"So what was life like before I got here?" She asked me. I snorted,

"Well I didn't live here for some time. I lived in the house in the mountains that you've never been to before, it was really cool. Then we came here for sometime before things went south... Which you already know about since we did a great job of taking out most of the population. And now you're here!" I said to her."Now its my turn to asked you a question. How's you and Zander? Are you guys dating or what? I mean I can sense he cares for you." I said smirking at her. She shrugged,

"Dunno I guess we like each other. I think hes only reason for us not being together is that I age like a regular mortal would and he doesn't so maybe hes afraid of getting too attached or something? You really think he cares about me though?" She asked.

"Yeah I do. He's protective of you and makes an effort around you. Zander is not the type to want to give much effort unless it's needed." I let out a laugh and she smiled. That's when we heard rustling behind us.

Flit is that you behind us? I called to him.

No I'm hunting whats going on? 

Just get here now. I said moving in front of Snow to protect her. Whoever it was they wouldn't be hiding for very long. 

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